There was a time when the science behind CBD isolate was known only by a select few companies, which drove the price of the isolated cannabinoid through the roof. Companies were happy to pay upwards of $50,000 per kilogram because the ROI was still gigantic. Fast forward a couple years and the majority of cannabis extraction companies have figured it out, thus driving the wholesale price of CBD isolate to all-time lows.

2018 – Beginning of a new cannabis era

There has never been a better time to join the cannabis industry than in the year 2018. Floodgates of opportunities continue to open up across the globe. As the world’s population is educated about this cannabinoid, the demand will continue to increase long term. At Hkherbarium, we’ve got an insight into the cannabinoid industry and literally see the newest cannabinoid developments that are created and we’re blessed to have the opportunity to share their inventions with the masses.

CBD Isolate Products

1. Pure CBD Isolate – CBD isolate remains a favorite among product developers because it’s a cheap and easy way to add CBD into virtually any edible or vape product.

2. CBD Isolate with Terpenes – If you haven’t researched terpenes, do so and you’ll find that there are so many unique strains and that your brain will feel overwhelmed. Each strain brings a different flavor and smell to the table so using infused terpenes is a great way to add a natural flavoring to your products without using artificial substances.