Wholesale CBD Gummies – Why Do Stores Love Them?

We have pinpointed several reasons entrepreneurs are investing into CBD gummies. In only a few pieces of easy to understand information, you’ll soon discover why this product is a staple in many cannabis extract shops around the globe.

High ROI

Its not uncommon to make 100% return on investment when you purchase CBD gummies in bulk orders and split them up into small serving sizes.

The most common miligrams per gummy on the market seem to be 10mg and 25mg per gummy. We’ve personally tried gummies from 5mg all the way up to 100mg each and they are usually tasty.

Why To Go Vegan

Traditional gummy candy contains gelatin, which comes from the leftovers of dead animals. People who research what’s in their food are often left with a queasy feeling after discovering this fact. There are several gummy options out now which use substitute which makes us feel good about what we eat. The CBD company named Global Cannabinoids first introduced us to their vegan gummies in 2018 and we have been fans ever since.

At retail and wholesale giants  like Walmart and Costco, the selection of vegan gummy candy is virtually non existent. Its interesting to see a new brand pushing the limits of health quicker than a brand who could have been this health conscious many, many years ago.