White Thai Kratom

Harvested from the leaves of freshly picked Kratom from a plantation in Asia, they’re ground down into a very fine powder and encapsulated and distributed into the United States and other countries around the globe.

Why purchase in bulk quantities?

Increasing in popularity, it’s considered a rare commodity to have in many local organic food stores, smoke shops, or alternative medicine stores. You’ll earn revenue from the markup that you can place on your products.

Marketing Channels

Create your own label to grow your brand. It’s as simple as purchasing a bulk amount, and placing your label on the bottle. Allowing affiliate marketers to leverage your inventory and brand, will allow them to earn money by driving web traffic & referrals to your e-commerce store without requiring the overhead capital to get started. A few places to get your products seen in by the thousands are botanical news and review websites, media influencers, and bloggers who are currently leveraging the massive traffic of Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook.


Chemical compounds:

Mitragynine – indole-based opioid receptior agonist & the most abundant active alkaloid in the kratom.


Free Radical Scavenging – https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264434403_Antioxidant_value_and_Antiproliferative_Efficacy_of_Mitragynine_and_a_Silane_Reduced_Analogue


Why Consume Kratom?

Throughout history, people who had access to the kratom plant in Southeast Asia used the plant for two specific reasons.

  1. Season themselves to heavy labor work (like construction or agriculture labor)
  2. Manage withdrawal symptoms or wean themselves off of hard drugs such as heroine.
  3. Reported kratom uses for: diahhrea, intestinal infections, coughing, and substitution for opium – http://blogs.ubc.ca/walshlab/files/2015/06/kratom.pdf

The Effects Of White Vein Kratom

As previously mentioned, all of the effects are unique when compared to other types of veins. The most common and famous known impacts caused by white Thai kratom include the following:

  • Depression
  • Energy Stimulation
  • Nootropic
  • Endurance

Endurance, Energy, and Stimulation:

One of the most obvious reasons that white Thai kratom is used all around the world is that it makes a great clean pick-me-up. If you’ve read carefully through the kratom forums, then you will learn about individuals who are replacing their morning coffee or tea with white kratom and experience substantial effects. The energy that is generated from those strains is much cleaner.

Nootropic Effects:

That is not something that needs in-depth research; however many white Thai kratom users have felt and experienced some unique cognition-boosting effects. A couple of effects reported increased memory recall, but the impact that was most repeatedly and commonly said to improve focus.

One thing that many people feel suspicious about is the synergy between its analgesic and dynamic effects, which seem to promote your natural center and dampen background noise. Since the research for this area is limited, we aren’t sure how long it will be until these areas are studied more extensively.


White Thai kratom’s anecdotal antidepressant effects, similar to nootropic effect, have been extensively researched on its side effects but users have found it has been beneficial. However, there is no proof that it helps with long-term depression.

The reason behind all of those different effects between a red and white vein strain is their alkaloid is different. Due to the preliminary studies conducted by AH Beckett, EJ Shellard, JD Phillipson, and Raymond-Hamet on the alkaloidal differences to understand the difference between the strain’s growth in various regions and also the way that alkaloids contribute to effects that result from them.

Although there are no detailed or in-depth studies on types of veins and alkaloid profile, we can assume the differences in the similarities between vein-type variation and strain alkaloid variation.

Therefore we get clear ideas in terms of what kinds of alkaloids can be found in this kind of vein.

With this kratom variety, there is a proportionally high amount of mitragynine, but on the other hand, the red veins lower amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine can be found, and that contributes to its painkilling effects, as well as its dynamic effects.

White Vein Varieties

Having sold kratom in the past, we’ve noticed that individuals either get almost no or little effects from them at all or love them. However, with other varieties, like red veins, the specific impact from one individual to the next is observable, however, with white-veined strains the role that is played when it comes to brain chemistry is a different matter altogether. And due to that, not every individual may be especially well-suited for it.

However, like with all other perks, it is worth a try, since the effects may turn out to be useful and helpful in a majority of cases.

It also should be noted here that a white Thai kratom dose may turn out to be completely different than other strains, on the other hand, some people who are sensitive to its effects might require less, and less sensitive people may need to have more. Therefore, it is a great idea to monitor your dosage and start low if you are interested in trying this specific kratom variety.

Since white veined strains might be found in many different strains and regions, there are some effects that they might encounter depending on what they choose. Some of the more popular choices include:

White Vein Borneo:

It has been found that Borneo strains are comparatively more sedative. This specific variety of Borneo has unique properties that are associated with it. Individuals who have been using it over a year have realized that it provides both analgesia and energy.

The blend of these effects increases its effectiveness especially for people who require anxiety relief or pain relief without having to sacrifice any energy or performance to achieve these effects.

White Vein Thai:

The strain is a typical one of the kratom varieties, in addition to Thai’s already energetic effects, it may be somewhat jittery for people who are not used to sedation, but may also be very useful for tedious jobs or work that require lots of energy. However, you will discover that this strain’s painkilling effects are not very pronounced, depending on the strain.

White-veined kratom has numerous unique properties, and people have a wide range of experiences with this vein. However, it isn’t necessary for you to feel the same way since you will need to go through a lot of trial and error to find the best one for you.

Everyone is crazy about Kratom. Some individuals believe it is the greatest thing they have ever discovered since maple syrup on french toast. People love trying each Kratom strain in existence to experience what the important plant has to offer them fully.

When I first heard about White Hippo (which is called Indo Super White now) was the most recent Kratom strain that was selling at Happy Hippo Herbals. The first thing I thought was: what type of name is this? White hippo! It doesn’t mean anything on its own.

I did some research quickly, and it turned out white Borneo Kratom is also called White Hippo, which is a moderate strain originating from Borneo, and is famous for its significant mood-boosting effect, a considerable increase in productivity, and endurance. The other renowned strain that they have is Happy Hippo 2 that is a red Borneo Kratom.

I was excited thinking about those happy days ahead of me. And since my kratom kit didn’t have any moderate strains in it, it was perfect timing for trying something new out.

Effects of White Borneo Kratom: What Can Be Expected

Over the years one thing I have never been able to understand through all of my personal experience is white vein Borneo Kratom may have a noticeable, dramatic effect on your concentration and productivity.

It isn’t clear what the intensity of the effect is, and it is like being focused on one task while also being able to manage all of the unnecessary distractions as well.

White Hippo can be thought of as something that is entirely out of this world. So if you find yourself in this space, then you may ask yourself what your life means. (I’m just trying to explain to you how it may affect you mentally, so don’t tell me later that you were not warned)

Although I need to let you know that a crucial perk is the mood-lifting benefits are noticeable, and individuals that have been using it a lot have reported that.

Since despite the fact it works to lift your mood, it doesn’t always cause a powerful sedative feeling and an intense hoy that may often be experienced with other kinds of strains.

Dosage Guidelines

If you want to know what my personal opinion is in term of what quantity of dosage is ideal, I would say it would be about 5 grams appears to be about right. If you take anything lower and then the effects don’t seem to be as significant.

Although when it comes to White Borneo Kratom, you might be able to say it works fine when you start with 3 or 4 grams even when you are new to the strain. Just make sure you continue to work your way up and be sure to take the right dose. That is always the most efficient way that you can remind people they should not burn too much Kratom or too quickly.

Having said this, you have to keep in mind the aroma may take some time to come into effect, and therefore you may need to have some patience for about half an hour before trying a second dose.