White Thai Kratom

Harvested from the leaves of freshly picked Kratom from a plantation in Asia, they’re ground down into a very fine powder and encapsulated and distributed into the United States and other countries around the globe.

Why purchase in bulk quantities?

Increasing in popularity, it’s considered a rare commodity to have in many local organic food stores, smoke shops, or alternative medicine stores. You’ll earn revenue from the markup that you can place on your products.

Marketing Channels

Create your own label to grow your brand. It’s as simple as purchasing a bulk amount, and placing your label on the bottle.

Allowing affiliate marketers to leverage your inventory and brand, will allow them to earn money by driving web traffic & referrals to your e-commerce store without requiring the overhead capital to get started.

A few places to get your products seen in by the thousands are botanical news and review websites, media influencers, and bloggers who are currently leveraging the massive traffic of Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook.

Chemical compounds:

Mitragynine – indole-based opioid receptior agonist & the most abundant active alkaloid in the kratom.


Free Radical Scavenging – https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264434403_Antioxidant_value_and_Antiproliferative_Efficacy_of_Mitragynine_and_a_Silane_Reduced_Analogue


Why Consume Kratom?

Throughout history, people who had access to the kratom plant in Southeast Asia used the plant for two specific reasons.

  1. Season themselves to heavy labor work (like construction or agriculture labor)
  2. Manage withdrawal symptoms or wean themselves off of hard drugs such as heroine.
  3. Reported kratom uses for: diahhrea, intestinal infections, coughing, and substitution for opium – http://blogs.ubc.ca/walshlab/files/2015/06/kratom.pdf