Water soluble hemp CBD oil. An outstanding breakthrough?

There are several benefits which the water soluble has over the standard hemp oils, you’d be shocked at the difference each one has in its ability to produce the desired effects.

Why is Bio Availability Is Raising In Popularity?

The speed at which the chemical has the effect means a lot to some people, and they’re willing to pay the price to get a premium price to get the best type of technology on the market. This stuff doesn’t come out of the plant naturally water soluble. The technology backing this method of manufacturing may be what fuels parts of the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

How Do You Find Water Soluble Hemp?

There are only a few companies who we know who have access to the water soluble ingredients. Global Cannabinoids provides it.

So what are the best products this stuff can make?

Before you rush into making your product, we want to warn you that if you pick a product your audience doesn’t resonate with, then you’re not going to sell very much of it.

Sarah, as social media expert has an audience who has stays up to date on the updates about health topics so she showed them this product and they were very amazed at the amazing rate of absorption the nano particles offer when taking a broad spectrum water soluble CBD soft gel.

So, that being said, I recommend the following products be used with your water soluble materials.

  • Tinctures
  • Water
  • Beverages
  • Soft Gels

By the time you finish this article, we believe you’ll have enough information to determine for yourself whether this technology is right for you.

What You Need To Know About Water Soluble CBD?

CBD is derived from cannabis sativa and is rising in demand quickly around the globe and now in the United States, because of the recent signature of the Hemp Farming Bill by President Donald Trump.  This cannabis extract has exploded in popularity due to the overwhelming amount of consumer testimonials appearing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The non-psychoactive cannabis extract was even legalized in Utah, along with medical cannabis, which is a long shot of where the the other 49 states thought this conservative state up in the hills was a few ago, as far as public opinion goes.

Although medical cannabis is legalized in Utah, the state still does not have a single open dispensary.

We scanned the internet and saw many people say they are feeling side effects of relief and inflammation reduction from CBD.

With this increased knowledge of CBD, it is not surprising that the cannabis industry is becoming a booming business. These businesses are also offering a number of different ways for CBD oil to be administered, from energy shots to CBD balms and salves.

You can now get CBD capsules, liquid, powder, tinctures and edibles from online store fronts. Some of these options will come as formulations such as CBD powder mixed with vitamins and minerals.

However, it is important to question if the effects of traditional CBD oil are actually as great as the companies making the oil claim. After all, not all CBD oil has been made equal with some being of higher quality than others.

How To Find A Safe Product?

When in doubt, conduct your own laboratory test to determine for yourself the legitimacy of the product. Especially if you’re interested in purchasing a large amount of product. Ensure the lot gets tested by one or more laboratories which have been vetted by several credible 3rd party companies.

Failing to conduct a lab test could result in.

  • Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals
  • A look-alike, deceptive powder or concentrate

There are also some companies who may decide its a wise choice to use GMO hemp plants to make their oil, and its highly probable that not all people who buy CBD oil will want a GMO hemp CBD tincture.

What Is Water Soluble CBD?

A water soluble CBD particle is 1 of 3 available sizes of particle which dissolve in water.

Traditional hemp and cannabis-based extracts are made up of large oily compounds. Oil based compounds do dissolve into water. Therefor the oil takes longer to digest than nano particles. If you want to feel the effects of hemp and cannabis extracts the quickest, try dabbing, vaping, or nano particles.

Simply put, our bodies require more energy and a longer amount of time to digest a CBD brownie compared to the water soluble powder or liquids.

How Water Soluble CBD Is Made?

To make water soluble CBD, proprietary technologies are used to break the CBD molecules apart. The tiny nano molecules which are left will be able to mix with water better. This will result in the highest ever recorded rate of  CBD absorption into the blood stream when compared to the standard CBD oil tincture.

As the body is 60% water it would make sense for CBD molecules to be made water soluble. This idea is the driving force behind the research into creating a water soluble CBD compound.

When looking at water soluble CBD, it is possible to get this compound from 3 different sources. The stocks, stems, and buds of the industrial hemp plant.

The cannabis plant will have both CBD and THC. While all cannabis plants will have a combination of these compounds, the ratio that is present will vary depending on the type of plant. THC can be found in CBD oils with a  label called ‘full spectrum.’

Applications & Size

The ideal kind of water soluble CBD for beverages will be nanoemulsion CBD. Brands throughout the globe are now creating products like CBD water, and THC + CBD water, energy drinks which contain water soluble CBD being either a hemp product or the THC-heavy cannabis product.

Both hemp and cannabis-based products will come in a number of different forms. The most popular water soluble forms are liquid and powder. These forms will hit the bloodstream quickly and easily. They also work with systemic circulation to create a rapid effect.


Liposomes are water-containing molecules which are circular and have a size range of 50 to 5,000 nanometers. These molecules have water-friendly compartments in them which can store the CBD extract inside. As these molecules are so small, the CBD will be absorbed better as the molecules allow easier solution into water.

The downside of this type of manufacturing is that it is very complex and time-consuming.


When looking at water soluble CBD, then you may want to find a laboratory which has unlocked the nanoemulsion method of transforming the oil based CBD particle into a powder form. This process will break down the CBD molecules into droplets that are only 10 to 100 nanometers in size. The CBD patch uses the nano emulsion technology.


Another method used to make CBD molecules easier to absorb is microemulsions. The primary issue with this method is the fact that these molecules will not be as small as the nano-molecules. They will come out at 100 to 5,000 nanometers. The CBD patch application may use the same size.


CBD that is water soluble will be easier for your body to absorb. This means it is a highly bioavailable product. CBD researchers have become aware of the fact that traditional CBD products are not absorbed into the body very well. How many ways do you think this breakthrough technology will be used in 2019?

The Pros Of Water Soluble CBD

Superior Bioavailability

The definition of bioavailability is the rate and degree at which a substance is absorbed into a living system or made available at the site of physiological activity.

The regular CBD molecules take longer for our bodies to absorb, because the CBD molecules are larger than the nano particules which make up the water soluble cannabis extract.

  • Mixes well in water, drinks and coffee.
  • Absorbs into the blood stream faster than CBD oil.

Drink Mixes

When you use water soluble CBD, you will be able to mix it easily into other drinks as long as they are water-based. This will make it easier to take the dosage and will be very helpful if you have small children who are using this as a treatment. The nano water soluble CBD will be translucent and will not impact the color or taste of the beverage. This can make taking your dosage in public easier as no one will know.

When you look at all of the positives of water soluble CBD, you can see that this might be the best route to take in several circumstances. If you are already willing to invest in CBD,  it makes sense to invest your limited resources and time wisely.

How do you know if water soluble CBD the ingredient that gives your product a competitive edge in your industry?

Where To Not Use Water Soluble CBD

Although the benefits of using a water soluble formula are prevalent, there are several applications where using this expensive form are not needed.