Water Soluble Hemp CBD Oil, A Great Breakthrough!


There are several benefits which the water soluble has over the standard hemp oils, you’d be shocked at the difference each one has in its ability to produce the desired effects.

Why is Bio Availability Is Raising In Popularity?

The speed at which the chemical has the effect means a lot to some people, and they’re willing to pay the price to get a premium price to get the best type of technology on the market. This stuff doesn’t come out of the plant naturally water soluble. The technology backing this method of manufacturing may be what fuels parts of the multi trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

How Do You Find Water Soluble Hemp?

There are only a few companies who we know who have access to the water soluble ingredients. Global Cannabinoids provides it.

So what are the best products this stuff can make?

Before you rush into making your product, we want to warn you that if you pick a product your audience doesn’t resonate with, then you’re not going to sell very much of it. If your audience loves vaping, show them vape oil, instead of a line of boring tinctures.

If you show a dab rig and CBD concentrate to someone who is unfamiliar with that type of hip culture that sprang up with the legalization of cannabis, they’re going to either be intrigued at the witchcraft you’re using, or be frightened!

So, that being said, I recommend the following products be used with your water soluble materials.

  • Tinctures
  • Water
  • Beverages
  • Soft Gels

Start here, and ensure you try to your own product so you can witness for yourself the large difference in uptake between the water soluble, and the standard hemp oil.


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