Trump’s CBD Laws Open Flood Gates in 2019

Donald Trump’s administration and the plans for CBD

Before the current president, Mr. Donald Trump had been elected; he had the standpoint that every state should be given the independency and the right to make and regulate their own policies when it came to cannabis use whether it was for recreational use or for medicinal use. However, after President Donald Trump was elected, he reversed his position on the standpoint of legalization of marijuana and stated that the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes should be allowed, but for the states who wished to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, the federal government would first have to look for legal consultations and resolutions.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The American scene is going to go through an amazing revolution as far as hemp is concerned because of its legalization by the trump administration in the 2018 Farm Bill. After the Farm Bill 2018 was signed by President Trump and hemp or marijuana was legalized, the pen stroke initiated a countrywide industrial revolution. There are so many products which use marijuana in their manufacturing. Industries big and small use of cannabis and hemp in the manufacture of more than 25,000 products globally. These products include automobile parts and goods, cosmetics, textiles, food, and beverages, etc.

All of these industries had been hindered before the legalization. It used to be classed along with other abuse worthy drugs, but the legalization has caused an amazing magnitude of response among the farmers as well as the people. Therefore, by the legalization of hemp in all of the states of the US in accordance with the farm bill 2018, it was made sure that Marijuana was allowed to be used for various purposes other than its recreational use.

In essence, The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the farming of marijuana/hemp crops, which are way more beneficial as well as profitable as compared to other crops like tobacco. Furthermore, its use for various manufacturing processes as well as the transfer of products and goods manufactured or derived using hemp or marijuana products across the various state lines of the US was also legalized.

The response of the states

As expected, the decision to legalize marijuana and marijuana products across the USA yielding a massive response. As of 2019, more than thirty-seven states have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, and more than eleven states have legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes as well. These include Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Michigan, and Washington and the District of Columbia.

CBD and its status according to Trump laws

Cannabidiol also known as CBD, is one of the many compounds that are derived from marijuana or hemp plants due to their beneficial uses and factors. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound which is derived basically from the plants belonging to the cannabis family. Its major purpose is to provide relaxation to the body and physical ease – all this without harming or altering the mind in any way. With the legalization of marijuana and hemp derived products when the Farm Bill 2018 was signed, there was obviously the need to change the laws about the use and prohibition of Cannabidiol. Although the use of CBD has been legalized, its infusion in foodstuff, as well as beverages, is still prohibited.

There are new laws that are expected to be made in accordance with the signing of the Farm Bill 2018 and the legalization of marijuana products in the various states of the US. Although because the FDA prohibits the use of cannabidiol in beverages and food items, there have been certain havoc among the various cafes and restaurants of many states of the US so that they can remove any and all items from the menu that have cannabidiol infused in them. The FDA has been conducting crackdowns to make sure that no food outlet that serves food with CBD infusion is kept open and allowed to sell stuff. There are lawmakers who are expecting statements from the FDA soon because of the legalization of marijuana in so many states. 

The perks to the farmers

The legalization of marijuana and derived hemp products has been a long time goal of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell so that the farmers of the United States of America are able to enjoy the perks of marijuana farming. After the legalization of marijuana and hemp farming, there has been a vast shift of farmers from tobacco farming to hemp farming because of more profits as well as the ease of growth. Marijuana has been known as a controlled substance for quite some time.

The Farm Bill 2018, exempts hemp from this and calls it an agricultural product, therefore, making sure that the farmers are able to reap all the benefit from hemp farming. Farmers of tobacco and other agricultural products have been able to enjoy perks like being able to apply for insurance as well as government grants. These perks had not been previously available to hemp/marijuana farmers. After the legalization, however, the farmers are available to now get the same benefits that the farmers of other agricultural products do. 

The perks to the scientists

Scientists all around the world have used marijuana and its close sister hemp for various purposes that include medicinal as well as research purposes. Due to marijuana and hemp being classed as illegal in the past years, it was quite a deterrence to the scientists who wished to study more about the plant and its various extracts. After the legalization of CBD and other hemp derived products, the hindrance has been removed, and therefore the legalization has acted as a key in increasing the access of scientists to the useful features of marijuana.


Even though marijuana and hemp are derived from the same plant, there is a huge difference in the effects of the extracts of both the plants. Hemp contains a greater percentage of CBD, and hence, the therapeutic effects of CBD are much greater than marijuana. Furthermore, the substance which is responsible for the high of marijuana is also not found in abundance in hemp. This is why the legalization of hemp-derived products in the US has such significant importance.