Bulk Wholesale & Private Label Topical Patches

Learning the differences between topical gel and the transdermal patch will help you find the best solution for external CBD absorption. Click the button below to read our guide.

The CBD patch has been a popular product among chiropractors, e-commerce retailers and entrepreneurs in general. Our team manufactures, packages and ships the patches to you quickly. There are 3 types of CBD patches to choose from

100mg Cannabidiol Patches

The other two types of patches are

  • 50mg CBD + Vitamin B12
  • 50mg CBD + Melatonin

Stress Relief Patches

Feeling anxious? The “Nervous Wreck” patches were created to transfer calming herbal extracts for 8 hours at a time. Perfect for a long days’ work. Just apply according to our instructions on the other side of the “browse” button, and you’ll probably forget its there.

With winter comes cold season. These immune patches have 15 natural ingredients and vitamins to support your immune system. These were released to the public in October 2019, and include lucrative bulk volume discounts and our manufacturing team will private label these for entrepreneurs.

Immune Booster Patches

Just in time for the winter season, these immune system support transdermal patches contain an outstanding proprietary formula.

Headache Relief Patches

Feel a migraine coming on? Place one of these patches on your shoulder and feel the proprietary headache relief formula absorb into your body. If you feel like there’s an ice-pick in your head and want a natural way to get over your headache, this patch is for you!

PMS Patches

Formulated by women for women. This patch may help alleviate bitchiness, irritability, pain and discomfort, mood meltdowns and the other monthly symptoms.