SEO for CBD Companies – What They Don’t Want You To Know.

Want to avoid hiring a beginner SEO who doesn’t know how to compete against the world-class SEO experts who are dominating the search results for their clients?

The same team who played a critical role in bringing Global Cannabinoids from a fresh company to a globally recognized leader for wholesale and bulk CBD products is opening their doors to new applicants. Global Cannabinoids supplies bulk amounts of CBD for companies to brand as their own.

“By working together with the company’s founder, Ryan Lewis and his team, we have generated over 30,000 B2B leads originating from the Google search engine within one years’ time, resulting in multiple millions of dollars in revenue.” said DeAndre Dodge from Energize Marketing.

There are only 10 positions on the first page of Google, and over 95% of visitors don’t venture past page 1, which makes positioning an absolutely crucial aspect in SEO.

“Every day we see competing agencies using tactics that are outdated, and with the June core update released in 2019, there’s never been a more exciting time to swoop in and capture valuable visitors for our clients.” continued DeAndre.

Starting in June 2019, a new website grading system has been put into effect, and many website owners who have been negatively effected are scratching their heads as to what they’ve done wrong.

“Beginning with a flawed strategy can result in a complete catastrophe in the search engines. Spam simply doesn’t work anymore. Common back-linking strategies used among agencies are resulting in ghost and manual-action penalized websites.”

SEO information to avoid.

“If there’s one thing I’d like you to walk away with after reading this message is that the majority of information shared on social media like Youtube and mainstream SEO blogs aren’t meant to help you rank your site. In fact, if you follow what they say, chances are you’ll end up in a worse position.” noted DeAndre.

“What occurs is someone finds a temporary loophole in the algorithm, shares it on the internet, usually for a fee. Then, as a horde of SEOs jump to capitalize on the information, the resulting footprint of activity is registered within search engine grading systems, and the technique is thereafter devalued and becomes worthless. This is what commonly happens when you see a website ranking one moment, and the next moment its missing.”

How will leveraging proprietary information will bring you success?

“If a search engine company with proven results refuses to share their strategy, chances are they have something they don’t want replicated by other people. This is what Energize Marketing does and we’ve had tremendous success with the web properties that we own, and the web properties that our clients own.”

How Long does SEO for CBD companies take?

This is a question that’s determined case by case. If you want the cold, hard truth, this industry is so competitive that if your company stopped its SEO campaign entirely, then your website is bound to be overthrown from its position by rivals. There’s just too much money to be made in this industry to be letting your guard down.

How much money can you Make with SEO?

The equation that you’ll want to write down is this. Traffic + Conversion + Sales. If you have visitors and they’re not turning into customers then your focus should be on creating a more compelling offer. There are several CBD websites bringing in 20,000 viewers a month. If only 5% converted on a $120 bottle of CBD, then that would amount to $120,000 generated by new visitors. Then we would want to calculate in the amount of recurring visitors

What Should An SEO budget be for a CBD Company?

The budget required depends on the amount of competition in the industry. Since CBD is a very highly competitive industry, then investing $200,000 a year to keep an expert retained is not uncommon.

If you’re in this industry without capital to invest, then SEO is not for you. Save your money and do something else more affordable like social media marketing. If you have a low budget of $60,000 per year, then chances are the other companies will have no trouble keeping you out of the picture.

Common Pitfalls

Well, we’ve all heard the saying “We get what we pay for,” right? And this common saying applies to search engine optimization 100%. Often people will learn the hard way and purchase the cheapest SEO they can find, and after their website receives a penalty they either quit, or try again with another domain.

Purchasing links is the most common pitfall people fall in, this is against all the terms of service and algorithms are very smart these days with their ability to detect link farms and demote their authority.

On-Page Optimization

This is step 1 after the domain is resolving to the server the files are hosted on. There are a million different ways to get this step wrong. We’ll outline the 5 most common mistakes.

  • Titles
  • URL
  • Content
  • Code
  • Linking

These bullet points contain the 5 basic steps of on-page SEO. Within each basic step are more advanced steps that aren’t covered in this post. If you’re curious if you’ve forgotten something or if your on-page optimization isn’t working then you can contact DeAndre here.