Red Vein Bali Kratom

Harvested from the leaves of freshly picked Kratom from a plantation in Asia, they’re ground down into a very fine powder and encapsulated and distributed into the United States and other countries around the globe.


Why purchase Red Vein in bulk quantities?

Increasing in popularity, it’s considered a rare commodity to have in many local organic food stores, smoke shops, or alternative medicine stores. You’ll earn revenue from the markup that you can place on your products.

Marketing Channels

Create your own label to grow your brand. It’s as simple as purchasing a bulk amount, and placing your label on the bottle.

Allowing affiliate marketers to leverage your inventory and brand, will allow them to earn money by driving web traffic & referrals to your e-commerce store without requiring the overhead capital to get started.

A few places to get your products seen in by the thousands are botanical news and review websites, media influencers, and bloggers who are currently leveraging the massive traffic of Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook.

Chemical compounds:

Mitragynine – indole-based opioid receptior agonist & the most abundant active alkaloid in the kratom.


Free Radical Scavenging –


Why Consume Kratom?

Throughout history, people who had access to the kratom plant in Southeast Asia used the plant for two specific reasons.

  1. Season themselves to heavy labor work (like construction or agriculture labor)
  2. Manage withdrawal symptoms or wean themselves off of hard drugs such as heroine.
  3. Reported kratom uses for: diahhrea, intestinal infections, coughing, and substitution for opium –

If you have been searching for Red Vein Kratom as a supplement that you would like to add into your daily wellness and health, routine, then you have chosen a fantastic strain.

There are many community members and our customers that buy Kratom. There are also so many who are swearing by the effectiveness of Red Vein Kratom, and for an excellent reason. Red Vein Kratom is a highly sought after and favorite Kratom strain, and it offers a host of benefits.

I want to tell you more about the strain, and the reasons why you may want to include this strain in your daily routine.

Red Vein Kratom Is My Very First Love

To date, many people that have searched for Kratom have also read about how much I love Red Bali Kratom. In that post, I have shared some of the crucial reasons why I have come to adore this specific strain. This mainly had to do with the benefits provided in reaching a happier place during times of difficulty.

Red Kali, Red Maeng da, and Red Bali are all related to the Kratom family known as the Red Vein Kratom.

While the Red Bali will always be unique to me and still included in my routine daily, the Red Vein powder will always be my typical go-to and first love.

All the Kratom consumers will have that specific strain that they come to love. Are you interested in finding out what yours is? Perhaps you are interested in finding the type that will offer you with the most benefits. If this is the case, then Red Strain Kratom is a great place to begin your journey.

Red Vein Kratom Translates Into Alkaloid Abundance

Progressing past my personal preferences, I would like to tell you more about the scientific aspects of this particular strain. Red Strain Kratom, similar to all the other types of Kratom strains is derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa family. This is a family that typically features about 40 alkaloid properties in their chemical makeup.

If you are still new to all of this, the alkaloids are what provide the Kratom leaves with its power. It is also the reason why people use Kratom, to begin with.

This means that there usually are more than 40 active alkaloids that are present in Kratom or mitragynine. Certain strains will have slightly less, while others may have a bit more, but each will have their unique alkaloid makeup which is what makes them unique to a plant species.

In general, the Red Vein Kratom contains more than 25 alkaloids in their strains. For example, Red Bali Kratom has more than 25 alkaloids in the makeup, which makes it a stronger strain when comparing Kratoms.

On a scientific level and from the standpoint of alkaloids, Red Strain Kratom contains some of the most potent alkaloids when it comes to its overall chemical structure.

This is not to say that Green Vein Kratom and White Vein Kratom are inferior, as each has its properties and strengths. As you will start to learn, every strain color is associated with its qualities that are unique. This is usually why the idea behind consuming Kratom is so important to consumers.

Red Vein Kratom Is A Survivor

Perhaps the reason why I am so intrigued by Red Strain Kratom has to do with its fantastic survival capabilities. This cool plant can grow and thrive in humid, dry and even flooded areas. In both scenarios, farmers have reported on harvest’s which was able to produce a leaf quality that is extremely potent, which proves that the Red Strain enters into “Beast Mode” when pushing towards the sun.

Just about all the favorite Kratom strains have evolved from the Red Vein Kratom. It is a drying process which will ultimately determine the vein colors from farmers, vendors and finally when it reaches your door. Red Strain Kratom is the OG.

People that have studied the Red Vein Kratom find it challenging to explain why the strain has such strong characteristics when it comes to botanical quality and leaf quality. They see interest in learning more about its consistent will-to-live as well as how it is capable of producing useful leaves regardless of where it is grown.

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