PMS Patches

Its that time of the month again, are your prepared? If you’re a man then no problem, you’re free. If you’re a women then this patch will be your best friend. These are created by women for women, and this proprietary blend contains several herbal ingredients which will naturally sooth your menstrual cramps. PMS pain, begone!

Chamomile, clary sage, lavendar buds, neroli, rose, evening primrose oil, black cohoosh root, chasteberry, curcumin, black pepper, 5-HTP, theanine, taurine, GABA, ginger, white peony, cinnamon, coneflower, DMSO, red raspberry leaf tea, flaxseed, maca powder, dong quai, DIM (diindolymethane).

Options for entrepreneurs:

  • Bulk discounts
  • Private Labeling
  • White label