5 Weird Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are a common slang used to describe psychedelic mushrooms or Psilocybin mushrooms. They are also commonly known as shrooms. These are the members of the kingdom fungi that have a natural psycho-active compound present in them which is known as Psilocybin. These mushrooms have for a long time been used in religious rituals as well as to fake demonic possessions.

These fungi are immensely popular to this day as well. A lot of people all across the USA as well as throughout Europe use these mushrooms as a recreational psycho-active agent because it causes psychedelic hallucinations.

History of Psychedelic Mushrooms

These mushrooms have been used for quite a long time. Archaeological evidence from a lot of deserts of the world, including the Sahara, shows that people have been using this mushroom to induce psychedelic visions and experiences more than 7000 years ago. A lot of the ancient drawings also depict these mushrooms and are shown to be included in a lot of rituals and rites.

A lot of ancient archaeologists believe that if our ancestors used such a strong and potent thing with such a high level of Psilocybin, then that affected their outlook towards religion, customs, and traditions. Some scientists also believe that the ingestion of these mushrooms and their use by our ancestors played a part in inducing evolution as well. But this theory is looked upon with cynicism and doubt because of the lack of evidence to support a lot of the hypotheses that come along with this theory.

These mushrooms have been used since the pre-historic times and are currently used as intoxicants as well. There are conflicting opinions from scientists as far as psychedelic mushrooms are concerned. Some of us believe it to be a natural and unharmful way of getting high or intoxicated. Others believe that shrooms are just as dangerous as other intoxicating drugs.

The toxicology of the magic mushrooms

Toxicology refers to the levels of toxicity that the magic mushrooms provide to the people that use these mushrooms. It refers to all the deleterious effects that the use of these psychedelic mushrooms can have on normal people. Although, these mushrooms are extremely well-tolerated among normal healthy individuals. There are hardly any reactions to them and the hormonal level, liver functions, as well as the temperature balance of the body, is more or less unaffected by the use of these shrooms.

The homeostatic control, therefore, remains undisturbed. However, if an individual uses a high concentration of these fungi, it results in “bad trips.” The effects of these trips can also be dealt with quite easily.

Facts about the magic mushrooms

There are extremely mind-blowing facts about the magic mushrooms. Fungi have ruled the soil of planet earth for centuries. They are basically decomposers that decompose the plant and animal wastes. If these decomposers were not present, there would simply be havoc on our planet. Even though the use of magic mushrooms is widely illegal because they are considered to be potentially addicting as well as harmful, here are 5 mind-blowing facts about these ancient organisms:

  1. There are more than 200 species of these mushrooms

All of the psychedelic mushrooms on the planet are classified into two broad categories that depend on the specific agent that produces a psychedelic response and makes the mushroom “magic” if you will. Even though the mushrooms have been classified into two major broad categories, there are more than 200 different species. Although these mushrooms all come from various different genres and families, they are bunched together because of their psychedelic properties and are commonly called as magic mushrooms.  There have been a lot of cases of accidental ingestion of a shroom because of their abundance as well as diverse growth. 

  • It’s Christmas Eve!

The entire legend surrounding Christmas seems extremely elaborate even though it is fake. The whole story of being good all year so that Santa Claus – a happy man with a white beard – would ride his reindeer-pulled sleigh to your chimney and give you free stuff sounds not only extremely farfetched but creatively made up as well. These stories came from Sudanese shamans, and the use of psychedelic mushrooms was extremely common among these shamans.

They used it for recreational purposes as well as a source for communicating with the ethereal gods and for ritualistic purposes as well. It is believed that a group of these Sudanese shamans came up with the entire Christmas lore while being under the influence of these magic mushrooms.

  • The history is mind-blowing

Fungi are one of the major kingdoms amongst the five kingdom organism classification system. These organisms have been around us for millennia and have been playing their part in the survival of the planet. They are decomposers which are responsible for the recycling of various nutrients. If these decomposers did not exist, the nutrients would become blocked, and the food web and cycles would stop altogether.

This would eliminate life on Earth. Humans have been ingesting mushrooms for a very long time. Statues from ancient civilizations show the use of these magic mushrooms as well in both diets as well as for intoxication purposes.

  • Psilocybin reorganized the brain

The human neurons, as well as the central nervous system, is delicately balanced. Any disturbance to that balance can cause wide-ranging deleterious effects on the brain as well as to the person. When we use a mushroom, we ingest a natural psycho-active compound known as psilocybin.

This psycho-active compound temporarily rearranges the chemoreceptors of the synapses present in the nervous system. This is what causes psychedelic hallucinations.

  • Ego, who?

The use of magic mushrooms has been shown to have temporary effects on the nervous tissue, but it also has a lasting effect on a person’s personality traits. Various studies have shown that a person becomes more open after a prolonged mushroom session. In addition to that, the ego of a person dissolves, and they find themselves in a relaxed, happy place.


Although the use of psychedelic mushrooms is looked down upon and is simply considered illegal in a lot of countries, it cannot be denied that these organisms are indeed extremely interesting.