Liquid Coffee Concentrate

All American Coffee offers liquid coffee concentrates that are shelf-stable and exceptional in their fresh brewed flavor and aroma. We have liquid roast coffee products that are processed using premium coffee beans which are blended, roasted, and then ground to our exact specifications.

All of our coffee extraction and the processing happens in our processing plant, which is located right here in the United States of America. Our liquid roast coffee is 100-percent coffee. Our concentrates don’t have any non-coffee additives or preservatives in them.

When you compare our products with other shelf-stable concentrates, especially hard-to-handle frozen options, you’ll see the quality we put into our work. Just one taste test will convince you how excellent our fine coffees are.

Our current domestic processing plant stands in the northeastern region of Florida with a capacity of over a million annual liters. We built our plant using pre-assembled modular extraction components which let us expand our production capacity in incremental stages so that we’re able to satisfy the market demands of our international client base efficiently and effectively.

16 Benefits Of Liquid Coffee Roast Concentrates:

  • All Natural: There are no preservatives, just purified water, and coffee.
  • Shelf-Stable: Our concentrates don’t require refrigeration because they are shelf-stable already at room temperatures.
  • No Filters: You don’t have to deal with messy grounds or filters.
  • No Waste: No product is every wasted.
  • Save Time: When you choose one of our concentrates to be an ingredient, you save on storage space, production time, and even labor.
  • Total Consistency: This should speak for itself.
  • Instant Delivery: We can deliver what you need by the cup or gallon any time of the day or year.
  • Domestic Processing: Processing right here in the United States lets us satisfy our domestic and international customer bases at the same time.
  • Fine Beans: Our coffee products are exceptional in part because we only choose the best beans that are available at the time.
  • Many Blends: We can provide for an array of different services in this industry, we from our regular blends to our single decaf.
  • Natural: We use products only nature provides.
  • Flexible Packing: We can pack our concentrates in many containers to suit your requirements and needs.
  • No Bottles: No open bottles means no open bottle spills.
  • Purity: Our Liquid Roast Coffee is pure coffee concentrate.
  • Shelf-Life Guarantee: Every one of our products has a 6-month guarantee covering its shelf life.
  • Customization: Get what you need, nothing less, nothing more.

Coffee Blends


Colombian coffees can please nearly any coffee drinker as they’re blended to provide a full and rich flavor sporting robust aroma and high acidity.

Italian Roast

We may call ourselves All American Coffee LLC, but we offer a ‘European Roast’ that’s a distinct blend of five premium Arabica bean coffees, each roasted to perfection to bring you a warm and rich European flavor profile whose unique aroma sets the stage for a quite delightful coffee experience.

100 Percent Colombian Decaf

Let the exceptional blend of our decaffeinated Colombian coffees give you the same rich flavor profile that our Select Gourmet Regular will.

Technology And Production

Every one of our different liquid coffee concentrates is produced from only the world’s best green coffee stocks that get roasted and ground carefully before processing. Our production facility that provides the concentrates meets every existing ISO standard, and it’s fully automated using cutting-edge processing equipment.

Industry High Shelf Life

180-day shelf life for coffee concentrates leaps and bounds over the typical 3 hour shelf life.

The process we use for brewing and extracting coffee solids, concentrating the coffee and stabilization is a proprietary process called PS-CSP.

Enjoy the industries most extended shelf life without the use of non-coffee ingredients, preservatives, high-temperature processing, or refrigeration.

Processing Procedures

Our concentrate processing consists of many steps:

We choose premium washed arabica coffees for their maximum flavor and acidity.

We then roast these coffees to the specifications dictated by our master coffee roasters.

We ground fresh-roasted coffee beans immediately before starting our concentrate processing.

The coffee, once freshly roasted and then ground, goes through our many extraction systems before being processed into concentrate.

We use a single-pass extraction infused with hot water and our proprietary filtering process to make sure that we only get the best quality coffee solids free of harsh oils or solids.

We only use the best 100-percent Arabica coffees for our premier blends so that we can ensure the maximum quality.

The aroma infusion gets done at the time of the extraction process using a processing temperature that ensures total colloid suspension of any solids, which prevents any possibility of any separation or the stratification of particles.

Next, our concentrate gets stabilized using our PF-CSP proprietary process.

Following an extended period of cooling down, our product gets packaged in a sterile environment into Bag-In-Box units thanks to automatic filling equipment.

Every one of our different coffee concentrates 100-percent pure water and coffee solids.

We don’t add any artificial extenders or flavors.

For select brands, there is an aroma add-back which is just a derivative of oils and coffee essence that we extract from coffee beans using a distinct process.

Information And Definitions

The term of ‘liquid coffee concentrate,’ by definition, refers specifically to a 100-percent brewed and concentrated coffee product that has a high ratio of various soluble solids resulting from our very own proprietary brewing process.

The term ‘shelf life,’ by definition, means the point in a product’s life where there is a significant negative change in the quality of the product. The term ‘shelf life’ doesn’t mean when a product is no longer safe for human consumption. A product that has become unfit for any safe human consumption is instead considered ‘spoiled.’

Liquid coffee concentrates and freshly brewed coffee aren’t shelf-stable without our PF-CSP technology. Freshly brewed coffee has a shelf life of roughly 20 minutes, whereas the shelf life of an unstabilized coffee concentrate will be only several hours.

We use none of the three mainstream methods used by other companies, which are freezing, refrigerating, and adding preservatives.

We have the only shelf stabilization technique for liquid coffee concentrate which uses no preservatives. With PF-CSP, no fridge, freezer, or chemicals are required to store our liquid coffee concentrates.

Shelf Life:

To marketed commercially and broadly while withstanding the rigors of distribution, shipping, and handling, our ‘liquid coffee concentrates’ have to have a minimum ‘shelf life’ of six months. To be fit for unspoiled human consumption, then the minimum period is about 12 months.

The term ‘shelf life’ often gets misused and misunderstood in general. ‘Shelf life’ is not something that means the specific point in time where one of our products is no longer safe for human consumption. A food product’s real ‘shelf life’ is ascertained as being the point in time where the product integrity or flavor quality has changed noticeably. Our own ‘shelf life’ test has demonstrated that it takes roughly five years before our products are not at all useful. On the fifth year of shelf life, any food product is going to have a substantial loss of flavor.

At the time of writing, we recommend and correspondingly label most of our products with a 1-year shelf life assuming room temperature. When one year has passed, our produce is still safe for human consumption, although there is going to be a mild loss of its flavor profile, which increases over time. To make sure that you get the maximum aroma and best possible coffee flavor profile, you should use our products within 180 days of their production dates, stamped on every container.