Illicium angustisepalum

Illicium angustisepalum
(English name): Lantau Star-anise

The Lantau Star-anise is a small tree, when fully matured it stands up to 3 meters tall. Typically 4-6 leaves on the end of each branch. Each leaf will grow up to 7-12 centimeters long and up to 4 centimeters wide.

The color of the leaves are a yellow-green, and when they are dehydrated they will turn brown. They have a large number of bracts that appear different than the normal leaf found on this small tree.

The stalk which bears the flower are 1-2 cm. The Sepals have a membrane-like feel to them, they protect the flower bud. They’re narrow and only grow less than 2cm long.

Found in only a few places; Sunset Peak, Lantau Peak and they’re regularly found in Hong Kong.

They’re generally found in evergreen forests. They flower in feburary and then in August, produce fruit.

First disovered in 1905 at Lantau Peak. It’s status is endangered, probably because they are endemic to Hong Kong and are only found in Country Parks, with the rare exception occuring outside of them. They produce essential oils which have positive benefits in the realm of botany.