Top 5 CBD Hemp Clone Suppliers

Hemp Clone Suppliers

  • Hemplogic
  • Triangle Hemp
  • Clone Connect
  • Hemp X Colorado
  • Greene Hemp Co

All You Need To Know About Hemp Clones

Are you looking to begin a cannabis or hemp farm, but you aren’t sure how to start the task? The simplest and most effective means of becoming one of the high-producing farmers is by purchasing hemp clones and wholesale cannabis before the other farms in the area. We provide high-quality hemp clones for sale to ensure your farm is a success.

Farmer’s Logic?

Instead of waiting for the seeds to germinate, sprout into seedlings, and then become large enough to discover the plant’s gender, it is possible to purchase hemp clones. When buying clones, you can skip several weeks in the growing process, thus yielding high returns on the harvest season. Take this time to stock your farm with strong sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis strains from one of our various certified nurseries!

A hemp clone is a smaller version of a section of the parent cannabis plant. The clone is the copy of the parent plant and can sprout independent roots when planted on its own. It is important to note that all of the clones present with individual genetics and characteristics which are inherited from the parent plant. For instance, if the clone is derived from a female parent plant, the hemp clone will be a female plant. It is also important to note that you can make several clones using a single cannabis parent plant.

One challenge that may arise is finding the correct hemp clone without any negative inherited characteristics. It may be the case where the parent plant has a particular condition, and the clone will carry the same problem as an inherited characteristic — choosing a defected clone is not recommended when planning a cannabis farm.

Why Are Farmers Switching To Cannabis Clones?

One beneficial aspect of using CBD hemp clones is that you do not need to grow the clone over again as the clone derived is the same age as the parent plant. The clone plant is already in a mature state! Our company has a secure global network that will help you find the best plants available. Locating healthy CBD hemp clones can be challenging, but our company puts effort into finding the ideal plant for your needs.

If you live in the United States of America and are a forward-thinking individual in the hemp cultivation industry, it is recommended that you contact us. We strive to provide you with the most effective plants and ensure that they apply to the specific state rules. It has been noted that the US states have been making it difficult to locate clones, but we make it simple.

How Are Hemp Clones Created?

Cannabis clones can be obtained by cutting a section from a mature female cannabis plant. When the clone is raised, it will be the identical genetic copy of the parent plant. As an identical genetic copy of the parent plant, the clone plant is guaranteed to have the same characteristics as the female parent plant. This means that it will more than likely have the same health conditions experienced by the mother plant; therefore, it is essential healthy parent plants are used.

The cannabis clones can be challenging to root making this one of the most stressful transitions for a plant. Plants grown from seeds will have strong root structures. The taproot is the core part of any plant’s root system, but a clone plant is not capable of growing tap roots. Taking this into account, it is not likely for a clone plant to be as strong as a plant grown from seed.

Clones & Seeds

When utilizing seeds, you need to watch the plant and discover the sex of the plant before the males produce any pollen sacs. To cultivate cannabis flowers, only the female cannabis plants are required, and seeds take longer to reach the flowering stage in female clones. Any first-generation seeds need to be stabilized and bred back to achieve any ultimate expectations of the farmer. In this case, a handful of seeds will often be different from a genetic perspective.

Looking at scalability, utilizes hemp clones to fill our fields and grow the same product without a significant level of variation. While we do enjoy experimenting with the seeds when it comes to producing the product on a large scale the clones are the most effective option.