The globe watches eagerly as we create the cannabinoid industry from the ground up.

If we could connect you with 100 businesses around the USA who are interested in your product, would you find value in working with us?

Our business model is built on a concept called ‘sustainability.’ If you have a minute we will explain as we read on.

Our model for broadcasting CBD and hemp products around the globe (and we’ve tracked inquiries from nearly all 50 states and several countries) is sustainable because it is purely results based. Meaning we don’t offer a ‘spray and pray’ method of advertising. We work on a lead by lead level and verify each prospect until we’ve categorized the watchers and the true players.

We like to work with brands and companies who already have their products, already have their brand created, and know they have something to offer that benefits the world. We move your brand and your product into a globe spot light not possible 60 years ago.

The products and brands we work with must produce at the highest quality and have the foundation in place to consistently produce high grade lab tested fresh cannabinoids on a level of distribution aimed to distribute to an amount of no less than fifty stores including and not limited to brick and mortar companies, wholesale distributors and e-commerce stores.

An ever growing audience of people looking for hemp based products comes to our website to read up on the latest news and information about the hemp, cannabis and a variety of other plants used in botanical and supplement formulations.

Using our platform as a hemp marketplace, you can display your best products to thousands of key decision makers across the globe.

This opportunity is for hemp and cannabinoid brands to display their products to a B2B audience. The benefits of using our hemp marketplace are vast, as we explain how we can create key connections between retailers, manufacturers and distributors across the nation.

Brand design created by Global Cannabinoids

Our advertising network, technology and partners combined have produced tens of thousands of connections in the kratom, hemp and coffee verticals. Every day there are new requests from key decision makers to learn more about the products we place on this website and others we’ve been invited to work with.

Our mission is to provide consistent and helpful service to all parties looking to invest in, advertise or manufacture a supply of premium cannabinoids and related products.

We hand pick each product from a company who has the capability to provide a great margin for the investor, while simultaneously producing the highest grade of cannabinoids in terms of purity and freshness.

We as a hemp industry have progressed very far over the last five years and I believe the best is yet to come to those people who take advantage of key advertising opportunities. We enjoy thinking that iff someone is not doing business with you, then they’re doing business with someone else in the same vertical if the product is critical to their mission.

Each connection we make can last a life time, increase the quality of our lives by establishing our distribution channels to share these spectacular cannabinoids, and help the globe end their chronic cannabinoid deficiency

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