What type of hemp biomass are you looking for?

2018 season is currently sold out, we searching for farmers who

want to reach a global audience of active hemp purchasers.

Qualifications for hemp sellers

  • Industrial hemp growing certification.
  • Business in good standing with their state.
  • Hemp less than .3% THC.
  • COA with cannabinoid profile.
  • Must be free of heavy metals, pesticides and molds.
  • Secure transportation.



Our hemp biomass expert has outstanding experience and expertise in the industry.

An active consultant for several multi-million dollar cannabis extraction companies.


CBD concentrate with terpenes

Full spectrum concentrate

Which CBD products do you want to create?

Our hemp biomass and extraction experts will help you find exactly the quality and quantity of the biomass you require.

We use only high tier industrial hemp

  • Department Of Agriculture Certified
  • Organic Farming Practices
  • Choose your own cannabinoid Profile
  • Choose which state it comes from
  • Choose your delivery date

We find great pleasure by lining up our clients with high grade, certified industrial hemp which smells fresh of the farm. Schedule a free meeting with our biomass expert so we can help you find the right plant material for your job.

Hemp CBD wholesalers and retailers are consistently on the lookout for a great lineup of biomass, because they know the high consumer demand for CBD rich extracts.

Our hemp expert already assist many of the largest CBD supply chain companies to achieve thousands of kilograms of hemp extracts.

New to the biomass industry?

We have hemp extraction laboratories ready to turn your biomass into valuable crude and pure CBD extracts.

  • Outsourced biomass extraction consulting
  • Formulas for CBD products
  • Terpene combination formulas
  • Industrial manufacturing consulting
  • Lab setup consulting

5 benefits of wholesale hemp biomass

  1. High ROI
  2. Repeat business
  3. CBD Hemp extract is in extreme demand
  4. Create any CBD product
  5. Varying hemp cannabinoid concentrations available

How to make money with hemp biomass

Generating profit with your biomass is simple. 

Here are a few ways to enter the industry and profit quickly!


  1. Create an online store
  2. List your biomass products
  3. Bring clients to your website
  4. Collect leads
  5. Trade your biomass for money.


  1. Purchase our biomass
  2. Extract the biomass
  3. Create crude CBD rich oil
  4. Create CBD concentrates
  5. Create finished shelf ready products