Goldenberries – Peru’s treasure

    When you ask most people what a goldenberry is, they’ll scratch their heads and tell you they have no clue! They aren’t native to the USA, most of them come from Peru! Below you’ll see some of the great nutritional qualities of the goldenberry and which brands will sell them to you in bulk quantities.

    Goldenberry Health Benefits

    In this study, the Physalis peruviana fruit protected liver and kidney against fibrosis. –

    Goldenberries have impressive nutrients, plentiful in Vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous and calcium.

    Rich in carotene and phenolic compounds.

    How to use

    When you eat a goldenberry, you’ll notice the sweet and sour combination, and they taste amazing! Use these with ice cream toppings, smoothies, salads, or eat handfuls of them. There’s no wrong way to eat these. Cover them with chocolate and enjoy a fantastic fruit!

    Where do they come from?

    The three main exporters are Peru and South Africa and Eurpoe.

    5 Wholesale and Bulk Suppliers

    There are several brands supplying goldenberries.

    • Mamapacha
    • Naturevibe
    • Healthworks
    • Herbazest
    • Food to Live