Gmelina chinensis Benth.
馬鞭草科 (Verbenaceae)

形態特徵:喬木或灌木; 小枝幼時被黃褐色短柔毛。葉對生,卵形或卵狀橢圓形,長5-15厘米,寬3-7厘米,先端漸尖,基部楔形,全緣,紙質,背面灰白色,被微柔毛和腺點,葉脈3-5對;葉柄長2-2.5厘米。聚傘圓錐花序頂生。花萼鐘狀,長5-12毫米,頂端截平。花冠漏斗狀,白色或帶紅色,長3-3.5厘米,冠檐稍兩側對稱,4淺裂;裂片近等大。雄蕊4,2長2短,花絲扁平。子房頂端密被短柔毛。核果倒卵形,長約2.2厘米。





The Gmelina chinensis Benth can be trees or shrubs. Ranging from 3-2 meters all, their branches are a brownish – yellow and appear pubescent when they’re immature.

Petiole: Ranging from 2-2.5 cm.

Leaf Blades: Generally have an ovate or ovate-elleptic shape to their leaves, they range from 5 to 15 cm in length, and 3-7 cm long.

They feel papery and the sides curve in a concave fashion, forming a wedge shape. They point away from the base of the plant.

Leaf Color: Bluish green

Texture: Fine particles (powdery) on each leaf with gland patches.

In Asia, they’re most prevalent on the Lantau Island, Kueng Shan, Tai O. Fujiian, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Guangxi.

Habitat: Found in forests and shrub lands on the slopes of mountains.

Blooming time: They flower in March – June and bear fruit in September.

The timber tree produces a very durable and woodworkers love to use it because they can easily form it into a beautiful creation.

Threats: Destruction of habitat, logging.