In Pain? Comparing CBD & Prescription Meds

Chronic pain has been a problem since the beginning of recorded time for humans. However, it has become worse for several reasons, first of all, many of us sit the entire day while our muscles waste away and that places more pressure on our lower backs. Then, since the average person in the Western World is overweight, that ruins our knee, hip, and ankle joints. It’s been researched, and the number one most costly problem facing the country is pain, with tens of millions afflicted. It’s the number one reason that people make appointments to see the doctor as well. The latest stats show that 28% of men and 26% of women have experienced pain that has lasted more than a year, and sometimes more than 10 years.

CBD Vs. Prescription Meds?

The problem with most pain meds, especially those based on opium, is that the longer people take them the higher the dose they need to stay pain-free. Plus, there is now some research showing that after an extended time on any type of opioid, when the user quits, the pain is stronger than it was before.