Choosing The Right CBD Treats For Dogs


As more research is being done regarding CBD Oil and cancers in dogs, more pet owners are beginning to try CBD treatments for their pets who have tumors. Many dogs are benefiting from the treatment of CBD.

CBD can reduce the size of tumors and in some cases, completely eradicate the tumors. The product can be given via a syringe in the mouth or there are some forms that are similar to people’s edibles called “treatable” for dogs.

These “treats” work the same way and help to shrink the size of the tumors. Dogs love them and it’s an easy way to get them to take their medication.

Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system. Therefore, cannabis works very similarly in all mammals. Unfortunately, pets can’t tell you what is wrong with them. They can’t tell you that it hurts here or there, or that they have anything else wrong with them.

There are many ways to treat cancer for cancer patients. There are treatments that involve radiation, chemotherapy or there are alternative therapies. CBD is one of those alternative therapies.

Long touted as a means to help seizures, anxiety and other pain conditions, CBD also works by targeting the receptors in tumors that cause them to grow. The CBD reduces these tumors and helps to cut off their supply of nourishment.

As an added bonus, the cannabis can help to improve the pet’s appetite so that the pet is again eating a healthy diet. Many pets lose their appetites when they’re sick so this is a huge bonus.

One method of using the CBD is to infuse coconut oil extract with the cannabis materials. This renders it edible so they convert it to treats which pets love.

This can also be infused in the coconut oil and turned into an oral dose using an oral syringe to gently squeeze the dose into the animal’s mouth. Typically only 1 to 2 ml is all that is required to help the pet feel less pain.

If the animal begins to act distressed or dizzy, they may have been given too much. Less should be given next time. It is recommended to only give the indica strain to pets.

According to alternative therapy veterinarians, you’ll want to give your pet the largest dose that they can tolerate to ensure that they are receiving the proper dosage. This is considered a last ditch effort to treat pets who have tumors.


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