CBD Transdermal Pain Patches in Bulk Volume for Distributors

This guide was created to show you how a CBD patch may not be the optimal choice for your customers. What the CBD patches won’t do is provide the wide array of natural ingredients we’ve placed into the new CBD topical gel infused with aloe.

A transdermal CBD patch will provide CBD, the question we have to ask you is if that’s the only ingredient your customers your customers are looking for. If that’s the case, we provide a fantastic patch infused with nano CBD particles to increase bio-availability. Many business owners have gone quite “CBD wild” without bringing into regard the hundreds of other ingredients that could pair up nicely with CBD.

Introducing the CBD Topical Gel Line

If you take a quick minute to browse the formulation we’ve released, then you’ll notice every ingredient has been hand picked by a well versed formulation team. Using the gel on your skin will increase the surface area the ingredients have to absorb transdermally into your body. A larger surface area will increase the rate of absorption, thus decreasing the time until the effects are noticed.

One of the benefits of the CBD patch is its small size and weight. People are saving lots of money on shipping and inventory with patches compared to shipping glass bottles. An 8 hour time release is often a reason why people are choosing patches.

Private Labeling CBD Transdermal Patches

This is the most popular choice upon brand builders and business developers. Not only are your spreading your brand’s name around upon every successful purchase via word of mouth, you’re also building a long term asset. Our team is prepared to place your logo and design on our formulation.

Advertising Techniques for the Patch

When you choose our manufacturing and fulfillment team to provide your line of transdermally absorbing topical patches, our internet marketing experts with a proven track record for producing millions of dollars in revenue will assist you with the technicalities of optimizing and your website to receive visitors from the world’s highest populated search engines.

Going door to door and leveraging your private network are the quickest ways to get started making a profit in the industry. If you’ve studied the vitamin and health product industry, then you’ve probably noticed how patches are gaining popularity among consumers throughout the globe.