Is it time to invest into CBD stocks?

The cannabis market has taken a turn for the better in recent years and is only expected to grow more and more as time passes. The American scene is going to go through an amazing revolution as far as hemp is concerned because of its legalization by the trump administration in the 2018 Farm Bill.

After the Farm Bill 2018 was signed and hemp or marijuana was legalized the pen stroke initiated a countrywide industrial revolution. Marijuana and hemp are both considered extremely important in various industries because of their extensive uses and the legalization of hemp and hemp derived products only made it better and easier for the farmers.

Top Stocks

There has been a lot of investor interest towards the cannabis market as soon as the hemp farming, and the production and manufacture of hemp-derived products were declared legal. There are a lot of investment opportunities in this industry. Here are 5 CBD stocks that you should never look over.

  • The Canopy Growth Corporation

If we take into consideration the market capital, then the Canopy Growth Corporation is the biggest cannabis dealing company in the world. The market capital of the company is huge, and the company is aiming to enter the CBD market and will probably dominate there.

Constellation Brands is a company from the US, which is famous for investing and introducing the best companies in the world. It has invested more than 7 billion dollars, and therefore, it is believed that the Canopy Growth would be amazing in the US cannabis market. The canopy growth corporation makes sure that no rules are broken while they are deriving the hemp.

  • Veritas farms

Veritas farms is lesser known if we compare it with the amazing and huge Growth corporation. Although, it does have its perks – I would urge you all to visit Veritas at least. Veritas, although small, protects great protection from the more huge dealers and the investor interest that come to the shop. Veritas has been in the market for quite some time. Veritas farms were launched in 2015 an almost as soon its launch, it became legit and therefore, became a proper enemy in the CBD market. The company has a lot of lands where they cultivate their own organic hemp without any clones or tissue regeneration principles.

  • Aurora cannabis

Aurora cannabis extractor is a company that has had major interests in joining the cannabis extracting industry for quite a long while. It has been a competitor among the various CBD stock providers in the US. There is a small issue which hinders the spread and development of Aurora cannabis in the United States, and that is the market capital. Almost the entire year, the market capital of Aurora cannabis stays at 100 million, and this amount is on the major reasons that Aurora cannabis has yet to dominate the American CBD market properly. 

  • Arcadia Biosciences

Before the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products, no one would’ve thought that Arcadia biosciences would be affiliated with hemp or CBD, but they are now one of the leading hemp stocks of the United States.

The Arcadia Biosciences is a company which is well known for its amazing efforts in the field of biotechnology and after the legalization of hemp, the company has diversified brilliantly to include CBD as well. Even though the company is setting a fresh foot in the cannabis market, it is still amazingly paced and has its first legal hemp cultivating license as well.

  • GW Pharmaceuticals

Keeping on the topic of biotechnology companies that deal with hemp cultivation, GW Pharmaceuticals is another leading company in this regard. It is famous for the production of its cannabis-derived product known as Sativex.

Sativex is the only legal cannabis-derived medicinal product being sold in the European market. Other than this, GW pharmaceuticals are also spreading out more towards the CBD market in the US.

CBD spreads as nationwide legalization sparks outrageously popular stocks.

Because of the legalization as well as the amazing and diverse changes that are happening in the current cannabis market, a lot of investor interest has made its way over to the cannabis market. Marijuana and hemp derived products are being used in a lot of industries for the manufacture of more than 25000 consumer products ranging from automobile parts and goods, cosmetics, textiles, food, and beverages, etc.

 Marijuana and hemp used to be classed along with heroin and LSD as abuse worthy drugs but the Farm Bill in 2018 legalized hemp derived products and therefore made the entire cannabis market ease out towards the legal sector.

What is CBD?

Hemp-derived products had been legalized after President Donald Trump signed on the Farm Bill 2018, and many states legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. More than eleven states legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as well. There are a lot of compounds in the essence of cannabis that are extremely useful. When hemp-derived products were legalized, one of the main compounds being legalized was cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound which is derived basically from the plants belonging to the cannabis family. Its major purpose is to provide relaxation to the body and physical ease – all this without harming or altering the mind in any way. Because of this, cannabidiol and CBD are considered as a revolutionary hemp-derived compound, and its legalization was amazing and opened a lot of doors for the hemp farmers. 

The benefits of CBD

There are a lot of compounds derived from cannabis which are thought to have not only useful but healing effects on the body and the brain. Cannabidiol is believed to have healing effects on the body. CBD derived from hemp has been legalized, and this CBD does not have the high that is present in marijuana. It just relaxes the body without altering or hurting the brain in any way. It is used to relieve inflammations, to calm down from epileptic seizures, as a pain reliever, etc. 


After the legalization of hemp for medicinal purposes, the cannabis industry of the US has gone through a revolution. Therefore, there are many stocks where you can place your investment. The major ones of the US have been described above.