CBD Pills

CBD has an extensive history of treating conditions of pain, chronic inflammation and anxiety. But, there is increasing evidence that CBD can also play a pivotal role in maintaining proper cognitive functions.

Create Your Own Pills

A cannabinoid company called Global Cannabinoids has designed an array of private labeling opportunites for businesses to offer a highly demanded herbal treatment that canprovides a plethora of benefits.

The company has dubbed their products “the buffet of pills” because of the endless number of herbal remedies which can now be added into the CBD capsule

“We have spent years learning all about CBD and developing ingredient combinations to benefit a variety of needs”, says April Fowkes, “After hearing the valuable feedback from our reads, we have found a certified CBD pill manufacturer.”

We have tried the soft gels from Global Cannabinoids, and they had an up to date certificate of analysis for each batch. Global Cannabinoids manufactures CBD pills and may produce them for you in batches of 100 or 500 containers. The mark up is very nice and the quality of the product is fantastic. We feel results after consuming every serving size. Learn more about their manufacturing capabilities by visiting their Instagram page.

Along with her esteemed assistant, Willis Frankfurt, April has improved on the vital antidepressant and pain relieving properties of CBD by using a water soluble formulation which allows the body to utilize the cannabinoids quicker than standard CBD distillate. Further cognitive enhancing properties may be added to the formulation simply by adding additional ingredients to your soft gels.

April explains how CBD is not just a temporary relief or quick fix like a cup of coffee. “Taking CBD products is a valuable investment in your overall cognitive functioning ability. The special blends of herbs found in our CBD pill contain potent nootropics keep our brains functioning optimally in present and future years.

CBD Capsule Formulation Ideas

• More CBD – this cannabinol has extensive health benefits and none of the psychoactive properties that can interfere with professional life. From improved moods and reduced anxieties to enhanced capacity to focus. CBD has it all.

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• Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa has been used as a brain and thought tonic since the time of ancient Ayurvedic medicine. As an anti-inflammatory, this herb protects the delicate nerves and brain components that can become damaged through natural irritants.

• Gotu Kola – this hardy herb grows on the icy slopes of the Himalayas and has profound effects at empowering the brain and rejuvenating nervine. In our herbal supplement, gotu kola keeps the mind focused while reducing the effects of environmental stressors.

• Ginkgo – As a staple to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ginkgo supports just about every aspect of brain health. A bit of ginkgo each day can boost concentration, improve attention, reduce distractions and maintain brain health.

• Rosemary – this herb is especially high in valuable antioxidants. This protects the brain and blood vessels from the effects of free radicals and age related damage they cause.

• L-theanine – this brain stimulant is found in green tea and has an especially soothing and energizing effect on the brain and cognitive function. In addition to reducing jitteriness, l-theanine boosts the production of brain chemicals that keep you cool, smart and on point in your professional or academic pursuits.

Why Wholesale & Bulk Soft Gels?

  • 100% Profit Margins
  • Create a unique product combination
  • Relieve several different ailments
  • Label Creation Opportunities

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