Breath mints with Cannabidiol, released in late Feburary 2018. No one likes bad breath, and a cannabinoid deficiency is ultimately worse than a stinky mouth.

Why were these created?

These mints are created for two reasons; to allow entrepreneurs to create recurring revenue streams by means of developing a client base or leveraging an existing client base.

To benefit the end-consumer with a high quality product that fits their needs.

Your ideal clients

Your clients may be retails stores, e-commerce websites, or direct to consumer. Because since we allow you to put your own brand on the labels or buy them in bulk without retail packaging, the power is in your hands to utilize this creation however you see fit.


  • About the size of an M&M.
  • Coated in a patent pending CBD life & delivery shell.
  • Each mint contains 5mg of CBD


Energy (Caffeine)

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  • 1.6mg melatonin
  • 90mg gaba
  • 5mg CBD

Sleep (Melatonin)

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  • 20mg caffeine
  • 5mg CBD

Custom formulations

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Create an exclusive mint for your brand.