CBD Dog Treats


I give CBD oil to one of my dogs every day. I’ve done my research and also heard what others have to say about the difference it made to their dogs. In my opinion, it’s a great natural supplement.

I also think that it is essential always to be informed about what you are giving to your dog. CBD dog treats are in demand, so I wanted to know what you need to look for and to tell others about my findings.

The cooking process affects the CBD in treats – at 200 degrees it starts to break down, and by 350 degrees it’s almost all broken down. So I began to think about the impact this would have on the treats. As well as this I knew that quality was likely an issue, so I wanted to find out about this as well.

Private Label CBD Dog Treats

Bill Bradley

Bill is someone who is knowledgeable about CBD oil. He has twenty years of experience in the research of CBD. In the 1990s he began his study on CBD and its cultivation. In the year 2010, he was the one who launched the most significant medical marijuana research and production facility within Arizona that was state-licensed.

I decided to ask Bill a few questions.

Identifying and developing the most superior grade hemp-derived CBD is what his company is focused on. Across the nation, he is a leading proponent of CBD education.

I was delighted to talk with Bill and get an understanding of dog treats.

Due to CBD benefits, CBD dog treats have become popular. What do you think about this?

According to the reports, CBD plays a significant role in supporting a wide range of health problems that pets may have. Due to this, we see a large number of CBD products on the market for pets. A lot of financial interest has undoubtedly been generated in the pet CBD industry.

The issue that has arisen is that a lot of products are developed with marketability in mind. They look great. However, manufacturers are not necessarily interested in sustainability.

For instance, we see products that have flavor additives and preservatives. This is in an attempt to stand out from other products on the market. The choice of ingredients is not dependent on pet health. However, from a marketing viewpoint, they sound great. Often, such threats are made poorly. Lower quality ingredients may be used and very low-grade hemp oil (they call this crude oil in the industry).

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

The benefits of CBD for human health have become a topic of significant interest over the past few years. But, did you know the same endocannabinoid system at work in the human body keeps your canine companions happy and healthy as well?

More and more pet owners and veterinarians are extolling the potent power of CBD products for improving some of the common physical and mental conditions our four-legged friends are facing. While cats and other pets can also benefit from this treatment, today’s article focuses on the benefits of CBD for dogs.

Anxiety Relief

Whether you are a human or a dog, anxiety conditions can cause unnecessary suffering and lead to situations of depression and worse.

The sad thing about the dog is that he or she can’t just have a sit-down and explain that they are not feeling well. The pet owner can sense something is amiss, but the exact problem can be elusive.

The truth is that dogs suffer from anxieties just like humans do and become very depressed or scared in certain situations and can cause them to act out with behavioral issues. This is common when the human leaves the house and the dog, feeling lonely and anxious, tears up the sofa and starts digging in the potted plants.

CBD has a soothing and calming effect on dogs allowing them to curb their immediate instincts to urinate, chew through furniture, etc.

Seizures and Epilepsy Relief

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from seizures and epilepsy, although these conditions are harder to detect. The situation can seem grim for the pet owner as many common medications are not effective on dogs.

CBD has been found effective at treating the seizures associated with epilepsy by acting as a tonic for the nervous system. With prolonged treatments, the entire issue can be reduced to controllable levels.

Boost Appetite and Control Nausea

When a dog loses appetite, the underlying causes can be hard to understand. One of the primary reasons a dog will stop eating is if they are feeling unwell especially nauseous. CBD works to relax the digestive tract and stimulate the appetite. Regular supplementation can also ensure that “Snowflake” isn’t vomiting on your carpets as well.

Relieves Chronic Pain/Arthritis

Another condition common between dogs and their human counterparts is arthritis and other inflammatory conditions of the bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues. Like humans, dogs will face these conditions more commonly in their later years, and CBD can treat that too.

CBD affects the inflammatory response by regulating the functions of the immune system. In addition to analgesic power, CBD soothes the inflammation associated with these conditions and provides effective relief. This also allows for arthritis conditions to heal better.

Ease Cancer Pain

Cancers can threaten the health and life of your pooch just like it is dangerous to you. When a dog is suffering from cancer, they will experience all the symptoms humans do, and it can be heartbreaking.

CBD supplementation has been considered beneficial when cancer is spreading and even shown some prevention signs. For dogs that have succumbed to this conditions, CBD can help alleviate the symptoms and provide a measure of relief.

Stops That Itch

Dogs love to scratch. Sometimes the cause is a bug bite, sensitive spot or merely a nervous tick that gives your dog something to do. CBD helps to relax this response by soothing the itchy sensation and inflammatory response from bug bites, minor abrasions, and other skin conditions. CBD also calms the nerves and can make your dog less susceptible to sensitive issues.

Hemp Oil + CBD for Pets

Hemp seed oils is an especially nutrition rich ingredient you might find in your CBD dog treats. The high-quality omega fatty acids and proteins have extensive benefits to your dog’s health and longevity
Some of the most significant benefits of CBD Hemp oils for dog health include:

  • Healthier fur and skin conditions
  • Reduced shedding
  • Improved immune functions
  • Healthier organs and systems
  • Enhanced regeneration and development

At this point, you may be thinking, “these benefits are great, but I am not sure I want my dog getting high on marijuana.”

That’s fair enough, but the good thing is that CBD products contain no THC. They are sourced from hemp which has a very low THC content. Furthermore, the methods of extracting CBD are not suited to extracting THC, and therefore only pure CBD is present and no threat of a psychoactive effect.

The following comparison shows the critical difference between marijuana and hemp cultivated for CBD products.

Marijuana – this strain of cannabis is cultivated for its high levels of THC that exist in the buds, leaves, and resin of the plant. This plant may have health benefits, but the psychoactive effects are still a social stigma.

Hemp –– these strains of cannabis are cultivated for the many other valuable products this plant has to offer and contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive element THC. These plants have a high quantity of CBD, a compound that activates the receptors of the endocannabinoid system to promote good health.


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