Laboratory in Nevada meshes rare cannabinoids together to create a super concentrate.

Vape shop store customers are having extreme difficulty staying in stock with these rare cannabinoid concentrates. CBD is only the beginning of the scientific adventure to discover and document the plant called industrial hemp.

There are CBD concentrates used for dabbing on an e-nail and concentrates used for formulating products. The most popular types of cannabinoid concentrates aren’t purely cannabidiol. The most bland type of concentrate one could ever use is pure CBD.

So do you want to know what you’ll be able to try that’s loaded with more benefits than pure CBD? The formulation is dubbed “full spectrum,” though not all full spectrum concentrates are created equal. One could be very weak and another could be a spectacular formulation filled with high amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes created with a flavor saving solvent.

Full Spectrum Whole Hemp Extract

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The most unadulterated form of industrial hemp extract is named “whole hemp extract.” This extract doesn’t contain the highest amount of CBD or terpenes because this is what hemp actually appears like directly following extraction.

Extractors take the raw whole hemp extract and purify it to a further extent in order to create isolate and other CBD rich extracts. Try taking both CBD isolate and a whole hemp extract at different times in the day, and compare the effects you’ll feel. After you try the whole hemp extract, you’ll probably never want to have a pure CBD isolate again.

THC Free Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Extract

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The whole hemp extract comes in two different types. There’s full spectrum and there’s broad spectrum. The only difference between the two is the presence and absence of THC. The full spectrum contains less than .3% THC, and the broad spectrum contains undetectable amounts of THC.

How do cannabinoids absorb in water?

In its raw form, the cannabinoids creating the famous and well documented effects in canines and humans is not water soluble. If we place raw cannabinoids in water then they’ll stay perpetually separated. So how did scientists solve this challenge?

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Concentrate

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The actual process is a well guarded secret, and no one will come out and tell us the actual steps to performing such a feat. Rumors say the particles is broken up into nano particulates, and some people may believe that’s the case. Any particle that is truly oil solvent will never absorb into water unless it is changed into a water solvent particle. So chemists would have had to create a process that changes the entire chemical structure of CBD, and it actually works.

THC Free Broad Spectrum Water Soluble Liquid CBD Concentrate

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Water Soluble vs Regular CBD

The difference you’ll feel is the time required to feel the effects of the cannabinoids. The fastest way you’ll feel the cannabinoids effect your endocannabinoid system is by taking a water soluble liquid concentrate using a sublingual method. The tincture form of administration allows for the concentrated CBN, CBC, CBD, CBN and THC to be stored in an easy to carry and easy to use manner. If you were to obtain a 20% cannabinoid potency you could easily drop a few vials into a container of water, juice or soda.

Here is a list of some of the products you’re likely to see on websites selling similar products:

  • Wax: Soft with a matte tone.
  • Live resin: The most flavorful with the most potent earthly fragrances in existence.
  • Shatter: A hard, crystalline like texture.
  • Crumble: A soft, circular crumbly appearance.
  • Budder: Cannabinoid budder.
  • Distillate: Learn more about CBD distillate.
  • Isolate: Learn more about CBD isolate.

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