5 Tips to Boost CBD Sales with your Ecommerce Web Design

Page Load Speed

A fast loading website with minimal page file size is a must in 2019. A slow load time results in a higher bounce rate and a lower visitor-to-buyer ratio. If people have to wait longer than 2 seconds for a website to load, then they’re likely to leave your website even if you have a spectacular deal for them. Sometimes people are using 3G internet speeds, and they are very slow compared to 4G internet speed. Do you want to cater to the largest audience possible? If so, then run your website through the Google page speed test to determine what pages of your website load the slowest.

Payment Processing

The credit card processing available on traditional platforms like Square Space, Paypal and Shopify are not available for merchants selling CBD products. There are other providers that have setup their infrastructure and banking system to allow for CBD products. Setting up credit card processing for CBD often requires a 6-8 week waiting period for the banks to verify the validity of your company, your credit and website.¬†Herbconnects.com¬†uses a cryptocurrency payment processing system which allows a bypass of traditional banking systems and their long wait times. If you attempt to setup processing without terms and conditions and a shipping policy then you’ll be rejected instantly.

Search Engine Optimization

Due to the high barrier to entry in the search engines, the SEO method of website marketing isn’t recommended for beginners or for people with low starting capital. Large organizations invest millions of dollars in their campaigns to ensure victory and new customers.


The images on your site portray the quality of your brand and help influence people to purchase from you instead of from your competitors. Using low quality images is not recommended. If the lighting is of poor quality, then the entire image is virtually ruined. Using a professional photographer with high end equipment, lighting and background will create the perfect combination for the presentation of your brand.


Visitors are more likely to shop with you if they’ve seen other people’s positive experience. If you have no reviews or a small amount of reviews, your visitors may not completely be sold on the quality of your brand. Long story short, people don’t want to buy a low grade product.