CBD, Meet Joint Wraps!

Produced with the finest quality top shelf CBD flowers, these 90mg Rasti Hemp CBD cigarettes are exactly what your customers will turn to purchasing if they just aren’t satisfied with the cheap, trim-grade brands that only contain 10mg per cigarette.

Grown in Oregon by Galaxy Hemp Farms, these phytocannabinoid rich hemp cigarettes cigarettes are a must-have for any head shop, tobacco shop, or general store who wants their product selection to be up to date with industry demands. These are rolled like a normal cigarette, and contain no nicotine.

Hand Trimmed

Pesticide Free

High Profit Margins

Smokable CBD. A product which took many store owners by surprise when they first heard of the idea.

Based on internet traffic research, these are a new trend which is growing quite rapidly in popularity. These are pre-rolled CBD rich hemp cigarettes, just like you would find in a dispensary, and they contain less than .3% THC.

These are created with industrial hemp which is registered by the Department of Agriculture. No pesticides, harmful chemicals, or heavy metals are detected in our hemp. Simply light up and feel the calming sensation of CBD flow through your body.

4.9/58 ratings