Top 5 Cannabis Stocks to Invest In

As far as the legal cannabis industry is concerned, it has been unstoppable and growing at an amazing pace for years. There is no stopping the fast pace growth of this industry because of the various amount of manufacturing goods industries that depend on products derived from cannabis or marijuana. There are so many products which use marijuana in their manufacturing. Industries big and small use of cannabis and hemp in the manufacture of more than 25,000 products globally.

These products include automobile parts and goods, cosmetics, textiles, food, and beverages, etc. All of these industries had been hindered before the legalization. It used to be classed along with other abuse worthy drugs, but the legalization has caused an amazing magnitude of response among the farmers as well as the people.

The progress of Marijuana throughout the years

Marijuana used to be a taboo a few decades ago. It was classed as an abuse worthy drug right alongside rugs like heroin and LSD. The “high” given by the use of marijuana was the major factor as to why the use of the plant was considered taboo. Canada became the first industrial country that empowered and legalized the use of marijuana and called it a recreational drug as well as an agricultural product. Afterward, the 2018 Farm Bill was signed due to which the FDA had to legalize the use of hemp-derived CBD. Moreover, 33 different states of the USA have legalized hemp usage up to some extent.

The benefits of the green

The cannabis industry has been growing tremendously in recent years. This is mainly because of the extensive benefits of the plant and the benefits of the compounds which are derived from the plant. There are so many compounds which are currently being used in the preparation of cannabis oils which are diffused in a diffuser as well as used for various other purposes. These compounds derived from cannabis are extremely beneficial because of many reasons.

Anti-inflammatory nature

A lot of compounds extracted from cannabis are used for anti-inflammatory reasons. They are used to decrease inflammation in a lot of living tissues. Although inflammation is a natural response to foreign substances in the body or towards an infection, this uncomfortable sensation can be lessened by the use of cannabis-derived substances.


A large number of compounds present in oils derived from cannabis are relaxing and anti-neurotic. A lot of these compounds are used in the production of anti-anxiety pills and tablets, and for this reason, the compounds derived from cannabis are important in the medicinal industry. Before the legalization of marijuana, the scientists were hindered to a great deal due to the legal proceedings that surrounded the use of marijuana. The legalization of the hemp-derived substances has decreased the edge of that.

Perks to farmers

The farmers of marijuana and hemp used to be given fewer perks and benefits as compared to the farmers of other industrial potent products like tobacco farmers. After the legalization, it was made clear that marijuana farmers would be given the same amount of perks as the rest. These perks included being allowed to ask for insurance as well as government grants.


CBD is a hemp derived product that has been legalized throughout the US. It is used to relax the human body without altering or harming the brain in any way.


There has been a lot of interest of the investor towards the cannabis market as soon as the hemp farming, and the production and manufacture of hemp-derived products were declared legal. There are a lot of investment opportunities in this industry. Here are 5 Cannabis stocks that you should never look over.

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. used to be a Canadian cannabis stock company, but recently, it has spread its wings and ventured into the US Cannabis market as well after getting a legal certificate. It is one of the biggest current cannabis stocks in the market. It used to be hindered due to low market capitalization, but in recent years, it has acquired a lot of sponsors that have made it into a dominator of the cannabis market.

  • Cronos Group Inc.

Cronos Group Inc. has yet to venture into the US cannabis market due to the non-clarity of the rules and regulations there related to cannabis. Cronos Group is a company based in Toronto, and it deals with the large scale production and sale of medicinal marijuana. Although the company’s roots are in the Canadian soil, it has crossed various international borders including Israel, Germany, etc. It has also signed a joint venture to spread to Australia. 

  • Terra Tech Corp.

The Terra Tech Corporation is responsible for the production of its own brand of medicinal marijuana as well as with the sale of retail medicinal marijuana as well. It has several outgrowth daughter companies and the daughter company with the brand named “Edible Gardens” is responsible for the manufacture of its own brand of medicinal marijuana. Other than that, Terra Tech also owns a chain of retail stores with the name “Blum.” These retail stores deal with the various brands of retail marijuana that the company sells.

  • AbbVie

AbbVie is a pharmaceutical company that deals with the production of a lot of medicinal drugs based on the various principle of biotechnology. It deals with the production of Marinol, which is a cannabis-derived drug and is used in the treatment of a lot of diseases. Most importantly, it is used to lessen and alleviate nausea in cancer patients after chemotherapy. It is also used to create hunger in AIDS patients who have lost their appetites.

  • Cara Therapeutics

Cara Therapeutics is another pharmaceutical company which is manufacturing a large number of medicinal drugs. The company basically deals in producing a large number of painkillers both for acute and chronic pain that results from several diseases. The pain killer properties of a lot of compounds derived from cannabis; this is the main reason as to why this company takes cannabis investments.


With the cannabis market surging amazingly, it is very expected that a large amount of investor interest would go towards the cannabis stocks. Above mentioned are the stocks that you need to keep a lookout for and never ignore if you’re meaning to earn by investing in the marijuana market.