Cannabis business loans funded fast.

We have $10,000,000 a month allocated to loan to business for American and Chinese made extraction equipment, greenhouses, seeds, grow facilities, power equipment and testing labs. We’ll talk about why our cannabis business loan program will help you generate an unfair advantage over your competitors later on in this article.

Eligible companies receive funding in ~5-7 business days.

Qualifications for Cannabis Business Loans

Its easy to qualify for our lending program. There’s only one of three objectives required to fulfill.

  • Capital
  • Collateral
  • Revenue

Few months worth of capital in bank account is required. After the lease is executed, you won’t have to keep the capital in the bank account.

We prefer to lend no less than $1,000,000. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. We’ll review each of the verticals eligible for financing further on in this article.

Why choose us to loan capital?

Avoid the deposit fees other companies require, which is typically a ~$12,500 non refundable deposit. Yikes?

Grow Facility Loans

Do you want to earn profits by growing cannabis or hemp? To qualify for a grow facility loan, you must own the land, or the owner of the land must be on the lease.

If you’re leasing from a land owner then they’ll benefit from this deal, because if the greenhouse is defaulted on, the greenhouse is sitting on the property the owner is on, and it enhances the value of the property.

Testing Lab Loans

The equipment used by testing labs is generally universal, it can be used throughout several different industries. We offer loans on testing laboratory equipment regardless of your presence in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment Loans

There are three steps to the extraction process that qualify for a loan.

  1. Biomass to crude equipment
  2. Crude to isolate
  3. Full plant extraction (full spectrum & broad spectrum extracts)

What About Chinese made equipment?

We can loan on Chinese made equipment if you pay off the entire invoice prior to receiving the loan, we’ll finance up to 50% of the equipment. The reason we’ll only finance 50% of the equipment is because if your machine breaks down, now you’re at the mercy of a Chinese manufacturer with no presence in the USA.

When you choose USA made equipment, we will finance the entire machine up front. Choosing extraction equipment manufactured in the United States of America is by far the best route to go.

Harvesting Equipment Lending

Want to acquire a hemp baler or shucking equipment? Hemp production machines including dryers are eligible for our lending program.

State Of The Cannabis Industry

Mainstream media outlets have broadcast the estimates regarding the size and earning potential of cannabidiol, and with several other trace cannabinoids currently unavailable to the public because of the exceedingly faint presence in today’s hemp genetics, can you see how the industry is still in its infant stage, even after CBD and THC extractions have gone mainstream and produced billions of dollars globally?

The earnings potential has brought about a large competition pool in our industry and this includes investor funded companies hiring several hundred employees to man the fields and the extractions and the logistics.

We’ll talk about why this creates an unfair playing field to the companies starting from grass roots later.

The ability for your company to create profit margins by owning your own extraction equipment will virtually guarantee your continual progression into the future.

Loan Disqualifications

  • Sodium Powder Lighting (The lighting must be LED or other functionalities to qualify.)

What types of financing do we offer?

  • Asset based lending
  • Leaseback
  • Purchase Leases

One of the joys of our asset based lending program is that our team is only looking at the invoice of the equipment. The only information required to proceed with financing is the invoice for the item(s) you want a loan for.

Advantages of our business loans.

As we mentioned before, the amount of competing brands in the industry is rising every month. Several of these businesses have low or no starting capital. If you can acquire $1,000,000 or more from us to use toward expanding your capabilities, is there a way for your brand to stand out among all the others? If you had the capital available to purchase large inventory lots to maximize your profit margins, would you do it?

If company A has $10,000 for inventory, and company B has $500,000 for inventory purchases, then who will get the better deal? Who will have the space to undercut the other? If you chose company B, then pat yourself on the back!

Soon we’ll be creating a portal for you to sign up. Will you please check back later for the qualification portal?