Top CBD Wholesale Products

1500mg CBD + Aloe Rollerball

  • Formulated with organic ingredients
  • Intense, pain relieving gel
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Made in the USA
  • High Profit Margins
  • Satisfaction & money back guarantee.

2000mg CBD Gel

  • Paraben Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Over 20 natural ingredients added
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated
  • High CBD dose
  • Satisfaction & money back guarantee

CBD Rollerball with Essential Oils for Tension Relief

  • Intense, essential oil rich formula
  • 100mg CBD
  • Travel Size

Skin care products are perhaps the most popular and effective way to take CBD. With sky high consumer demand, industrial hemp farmers and extraction companies are known to run out of stock before the consumer demand is satisfied.

In this article – How to make money with CBD – We’ve visited several manufacturing facilities, from Colorado to California, and we’ve collected several of the methods people are already using to profit from the cannabis industry.

Next we’re diving into the top edible products which we see leaving our partner’s warehouse with near-lighting speed! We’re proud to present the our hottest CBD picks based on internet and social media search data! CBD Skin care products are perhaps the most popular and effective way to take CBD.

Wholesale CBD Soft Gels

The popularity of soft gels have remained steadily growing for at least the past two years.

Have you seen CBD soft gels in your local pharmacy?

If you haven’t, then there’s still an opportunity to help a community in need of this cannabinoid.

Compared to the amount of formulations on the market today, we foresee hundreds of different soft gel formulations, each providing a plethora of botanical ingredients.

Here are some frequently asked questions about cannabis pills.

  • Do my customers want THC free?
  • Are 10mg or 25mg soft gels a better fit for my audience?
  • Is my payment processing setup yet?
  • Are 100% profit margins ok?

3. CBD Coffee Wholesale

This is the only shelf stable liquid coffee concentrate infused with CBD on the market. There is a proprietary process which only one coffee manufacturer has under their belt to ensure a long-lasting, great tasting coffee concentrate.

Mix the coffee with water, milk, or your favorite shake for a boost of energy. The CBD seems to counteract the caffeine jitters received from coffee, making your day more energetic without the anxiety.

This combination is rapidly becoming popular throughout coffee stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and e-commerce stores throughout the world.

4. CBD Energy Drinks

A convenient dose of energy with CBD which has been studied for its inflammation and anxiety reducing effects, and daily energy vitamins.

5. Water Soluble CBD

The water soluble CBD product is by far the most diverse of all of the ingredients used by brands to add a dose of CBD into any beverage, soft gel, or tincture.

The CBD molecules have been broken down into nano particles which do not require an oil base to dissolve.

This is the fastest bio-availability product second to dabbing CBD concentrates. If your customers need a rapid onset, or if you wish to add CBD into your waters, energy shots, tinctures or pills then look no further!

There is no alternative to using this product in any product which is not oil based! Crucial that you understand how exactly you’re going to use this ingredient before purhasing!

6. CBD Concentrate

Concentrated CBD is a finished product, and a dab rig is required to use a concentrate effectively.

Using a dab rig and concentrate is by far the quickest way to get CBD into your blood stream, and there are hundreds of different combinations brands have created. Each combination has a unique cannabinoid ratio as well as additional terpenes for flavor and fragrance.

The #1 buyer for concentrates are dispensaries who often combine the CBD and THC to create a mix of the two.

7. CBD Cigarettes Wholesale

Smoke your worries away with high CBD hemp cigarettes. These are created with strains producing up to 20% CBD hemp.

The flowers are picked from industrial hemp plants bearing less than .3% thc. These crops are virtually all organically grown.

Did you know this is a trend among smoke shops nation wide?

Here are some additional resources to check out.