Top 10 Wholesale CBD Products

The new cannabis extract which was recently legalized nationwide by the signature of the Hemp Farm Bill by Donald Trump called CBD is rushing the industry by storm.

With sky high consumer demand, industrial hemp farmers and extraction companies are known to run out of stock before the demand is actually met. The companies which their product orders in early will most likely achieve higher profits with lower cost of goods sold.

Here are the top 10 products we’ve pinpointed in the industry. We are connected with the ‘top of the foodchain suppliers’ and here are their most in demand products of 2019.

1. CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is quite a rare and sought after material. This is the purest form of cannabidiol concentrate and typically requires companies to spend the most time, biomass, and energy to produce.

Laboratories would rather create full spectrum or broad spectrum distillate than isolate, because they make more money. However, since the demand from product manufacturers is so large, select extraction companies are still producing this concentrate.

Isolate is usually the first product to fly off the shelves, and the restock rate is rather slow. If you find a good deal on CBD isolate with the correct lab test results, from a company you trust then buy as much as you can afford, because it could be out of stock next time you come around.

2. CBD Concentrate

Concentraded CBD is a finished product, and a dab rig is required to use a concentrate effectively.

Using a dab rig and concentrate is by far the quickest way to get CBD into your blood stream, and there are hundreds of different combinations brands have created. Each combination has a unique cannabinoid ratio as well as additional terpenes for flavor and fragrance.

The #1 buyer for concentrates are dispensaries who often combine the CBD and THC to create a mix of the two.

3. CBD Coffee

This is the only shelf stable liquid coffee concentrate infused with CBD on the market. There is a proprietary process which only one coffee manufacturer has under their belt to ensure a long-lasting, great tasting coffee concentrate.

Mix the coffee with water, milk, or your favorite shake for a boost of energy. The CBD seems to counteract the caffeine jitters received from coffee, making your day more energetic without the anxiety.

This combination is rapidly becoming popular throughout coffee stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and e-commerce stores throughout the world.

4. CBD Energy Shots

This CBD energy shot from Hempenergi is already being picked up by major gas station convenience brands around the country. This is one of the brands which we can see being publicly traded in the near future. 

A convenient dose of energy with CBD which has been studied for its inflammation and anxiety reducing effects, and all your daily energy vitamins.

Stay tuned for the newest release from Hempenergi which we’re stoked to show you all about later.

5. Water Soluble CBD

The water soluble CBD product is by far the most diverse of all of the ingredients used by brands to add a dose of CBD into any beverage, soft gel, or tincture.

The CBD molecules have been broken down into nano particles which do not require an oil base to dissolve.

This is the fastest bio-availability product second to dabbing CBD concentrates. If your customers need a rapid onset, or if you wish to add CBD into your waters, energy shots, tinctures or pills then look no further!

There is no alternative to using this product in any product which is not oil based! Crucial that you understand how exactly you’re going to use this ingredient before purhasing!

6. CBD Mints

The CBD mint is a newer addition to the lineup. Available in night-time or day-time energy.

The mints comes with 5mg of CBD per serving and when you need fresh breath or a small dose of CBD to get your day going, or your peaceful nights sleep then this is a great product for you!

Our manufacturing team is open to taking customizable orders, so if you don’t want natural sleep aids, or natural energy in these then they’re open to formulating these mints exactly how you need.

7. CBD Patches

These patches are created by a pharmaceutical company which specializes in transdermal application of nearly any vitamin or mediciation available.

Using these are simple, and packs a time released CBD dose of 120mg per serving.

These are packaged in sheets of 6 patches per sheet. Simply remove a patch off of the sheet, and place it anywhere on your body with low amounts of hair.

Even when showering, the patch sticks onto your skin. When you’re done wearing the patch, it is painless to remove!

Each patch is time released over 8 hours. People who have tried these say they work great, and it makes a subtle difference throughout your day.

Next 3 arriving soon!