Agarwood Bracelets

Bracelets created from high quality agarwood are in high demand and companies usually sell out of them quickly after their inventory is replenished.

Agarwood is famous for its fragrance, it is among the most valuable tropic afforest goods in the world. Moreover, premium quality agarwood takes several years to develop. It is typically assumed that the all-natural high quality agarwood will get rare but remain in demand, especially in Japan.


Because you might know, Agarwood has such a significant density that it’s submergible.  In Eastern Burma, great agarwood very similar to Vietnamese varieties are produced. At times it is known as Aloeswood.

Leading grade Agarwood is among the priciest woods on planet earth, with a price of up to $13,000 for 16 ounces of the resin.

High quality bracelets will have an Agarwood scent to them if you rub the wood!