How To Advertise Your CBD Products.

After you’ve ordered a large amount of products, one of the next subjects on your mind that will probably appear naturally is, “now what is the best way to sell these products?”

Several companies distribute their brands to ecommerce and brick & mortar store fronts. Another tactic which seems to be working is the direct sales method, or selling your products direct to consumer.

The people who operate a B2C store front must solve two challenges. Traffic and conversion. Failing to solve one of the two challenges results in a serious halt to your economic well being.

Achieving a positive reputation online is necessary, and it is easily achievable as long as the products you sell are legitimate. If you fail to receive an accurate certificate of analysis from the people you purchase from, you run the risk of receiving a watered down or chemically-off product.

We’ve been talking to several entrepreneurs and we’ve noticed two types of entrepreneurs, and there are probably even more types than this but here are two large distinctions.

  • The entrepreneur who leverages technological advancements to move their brand into a potentially large pool of traffic.
  • The entrepreneur who does not.

Now the entrepreneur is only limited to what their minds and resources are capable of producing. Over the long run, we project the people who use search engines to their advantage (and there are several popular ones with millions of users) will ultimately come out ahead of their competition and be able to advance further and faster. Why?

Our species builds machines to reduce or remove the physical labor and energy required to perform a task. The more tasks which are automated saves us money and time and allows us to allot that energy into another avenue of activity. The internet and search engines are a machine and their task is information and communication transferred in some instances close to the speed of light.

No human can ever travel from phone call to phone call, or business to business at the speed of light. We can travel up to 400 MPH on a public airplane and 60-80 MPH on the freeway. Generating web traffic does not initially require a phone call unless your prospect wants a specific question answered. Answering questions about your products isn’t an issue, is it?

Some start ups do not have the money to advertise, leaving their marketing options limited to methods like trade shows, door to door marketing, and network marketing.

Brad, a man who loves doing door to door sales for a home technology company says he makes the most revenue going door to door. He makes about $80,000 a year. Harry, a man who sales the same technology using the internet to generate leads pulls in $700,000 a year. The amount of leads harry has access to online is enough to require the attention of a team of sales people.

On one hand we have someone who is leveraging “what’s always worked,” and on the other hand we have someone who may have fallen down a few times learning how to create the perfect online revenue generating machine, and he’s gotten back up and tried again enough times until he made a mental breakthrough with technology that has changed his life forever.