Concentrated CBD - Shatters, and Wax

Hello, and thank you for visiting Hong Kong Herbarium. You’re go-to source for all things herbal. We’ll focus in depth on trees and herbs found on every continent, especially on the plant life which scientists have found beneficial uses for when treating pain and diseases.

There are a lot of specimen that have positive benefits that we can use. They’re documented and have been used for many hundreds of years by people local to the plants native habitat.

Our goal is to eventually provide every plant that is useful to the human race that you may or may not have heard of.

We’ll show you things such as Herbal Remedies, Fragrances, Oils, Incense, and types of plants and where you can expect to find them.

Each form of plant life is composed of millions of cells. All of them contain terpenes, produce the wonderful you smell when you pick a flower and inhale it’s fragrance. These essential oils (terpenes) can contain spectacular properties when broken down and extracted from a molecular level. For example, the terpene Myrcene is contains anti-inflammatory properties, is a sedative, and an antibiotic. Think of the benefits that this terpenoid will give you if you have a large enough dose of it!

And the beauty of it is that scientists at Global Cannabinoids have discovered away to create liquid terpene extracts so that it can be consumed by humans! You can learn more about them, and see their spectacular pictures on their Instagram page.

HK Herbarium will also be reviewing the multitudes of products that have been created for human consumption to find the best products that you should try out. We all know that all things are not created equally, and will attempt to sift out and tell you about all of the bad, and good products so that you don’t waste your time and money.

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