Water Soluble Hemp CBD Oil, A Great Breakthrough!


There are some people that believe that water soluble hemp oil actually does not exist. It is true that oil does not mix with water. However, CBD must be extracted from the hemp plant using CO2, ethanol, or an oil-based extraction process. There are some companies that have actually perfected the ability to extract CBD from hemp, and turn it into a water soluble form. Folium Biosciences, for example, has created a nano emulsion delivery system that increases the bio availability of their phytocannabinoid rich hemp oils.

Why CBD Products Are Popular Today

Cannabidiol has become extremely popular in recent years, primarily because so many states are legalizing marijuana. It has been known for decades that the compounds within the marijuana and hemp plants can provide many medicinal qualities. For those that have suffered with chronic pain as a result of arthritis or fibromyalgia have seen relief by ingesting or inhaling CBD oil for years. It is also a well-known treatment for preventing vomiting, and it can also help people that experience seizures. Individuals that are schizophrenic, paranoia, or suffer from some type of anxiety have seen positive results without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs designed to help in these areas. The popularity, therefore, is not simply based upon it becoming more available, but the scientific research that has shown how beneficial this all-natural substance is.

How Many Other Benefits Can CBD Or Hemp Products Provide?

There are many other conditions that cannabidiol can help with. First of all, it is able to help with epilepsy. If you suffer from seizures, neuroinflammation, oxidative stress caused by free radical damage, vomiting, anxiety, or any type of nausea, this is a product that you should be taking. Another reason for the popularity is that some companies have been able to make CBD water soluble. As most people know, water and oil simply do not mix, and therefore putting drops of this oil into your favorite beverage may not be the best way to ingest it.

How Do You Find Water Soluble Hemp?

There are companies that are currently advertising water soluble hemp oil, a type of product that has only recently been made available. After the extraction process, the CBD or hemp compounds are placed into an all natural water-soluble form. It is often added with Ayurvedic herbs, making its bioavailability much more intense. It is because 60% of your body is water that these water soluble hemp products are not only more effective, but can produce almost immediate results. You simply have to search for water-soluble CBD oil, or water-soluble hemp, and you will find a couple businesses that currently market this type of product, although none with the same quality as Folium Biosciences. Folium’s scientists are world class and have a patent-pending solution that works really well.

Although hemp products such as CBD oil have been used widely for many decades, the water soluble compounds are fast becoming a very popular product. It is the result of years of scientific research that has made it possible for these active ingredients in the hemp plant to be distributed into the body without any concern about water solubility. If you do currently experience any of the physical or mental disorders that were mentioned, you should definitely give this a try. There are no side effects when using this all natural product that has helped millions of people around the world. This is also one of the most convenient hemp products that you will ever take because it will mix right into your favorite beverage.

Photo Credit: Folium Biosciences


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