About The Molecular Elements of Hemp


In this article, we will talk about the molecular elements of hemp. Like all other plants today the hemp plant is a regular plant that is farmed for many reasons. It goes through the process of photosynthesis to live and produces oxygen as well. The hemp plant itself is a remarkable plant due to its rare molecular elements. It is used today for the manufacturing of clothing as well as for medical uses. Just recently there has been some breakthroughs on how to make this a more usable product as well as making it more cost effective.

The first molecular element we will talk about is THC, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the chief ingredient or active ingredient that produces the effects of people using it for the most medical applications we see today. This is the element that allows people to get a feeling of being high when smoked. It is a slowly metabolizing element and usually takes about 30 days to be completely flushed from the urine. It can stay in the hair and skin cells for a longer period. The effects of the use of this element takes about a year to clear from the brain.

The second element we will mention today is CBD, one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. The use of this element of the plant can treat many issues today. This is true in both humans and animals. The use of these natural treatments has also been known to aid with cancer. The CBD is the other most absorbed component of the plant alongside THC. It is great for dry skin, pain, hair loss, and much more.

In recent studies, they have now developed a way to make the CBD oil water soluble. Now, what this means is that it can be taken and used much more effectively. People taking the old style of oil may notice that they only receive about 10 percent of it. The new water soluble products deliver up to 90 percent absorption. This will also reduce the price of this once costly product. At this rate, people who would use the original oil would run out faster due to the low intake of the product. Now, using this new formula, it will enhance the level you receive with each dose. It being water soluble will also help regulate the exact amount you need.

In conclusion, the many different elements that are found in the hemp plant can be used for a wide range of things. We always suggest going the natural route if possible if its’ whats best for you and your family. Nature has it right so if we can move away from western medicine and go more towards natural cures and treatments, we believe it could improve the lives of many. So if hemp interests you, and you live where it is legal for use and consumption, we recommend it to experience relief from all sorts of symptoms. You’ll be glad you did!


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