The Fung Shui Story of Lai Chi Wo

More than a hundred years ago, Lai Chi Wo was a poor village. On the advice of a geomancy expert, a fung shui wall was built around the village to retain wealth and ward off bad luck. Soon the village’s luck changed. Lai Chi Wo produced a number of famous scholars and residents were better off financially. Since then the villagers of Lai Chi Wo became faithful believers of fung shui and used every effort to protect their fung shui wood, including marking boundaries and banning the destruction of local forests. Anyone causing damage to the fung shui wood would be fined and publicly denounced. For only one or two days in a year, villagers are allowed to enter the wood to gather sticks for firewood. This may well be the reason why Lai Chi Wo’s fung shui wood has remained lush and verdant today.

Lai Chi Wo fung shui wood


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